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Hopper Window Installation & Replacement in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

Hopper windows are a great option for brightening and ventilating small spaces. They can also be ideal for areas with minimal wall space.

At Zen Windows Denver, we design, install, and replace hopper windows of all sizes. Whether you are shopping for new basement windows or it’s time for a hopper window replacement, you can count on Zen Windows Denver for excellent service, optimal quality, and turnkey solutions!

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Our Hopper Windows Are Designed for High Attitudes

Living at high altitudes affects building properties more than most of us realize. High elevations weaken window and door seals. Plus, Denver-area homeowners want energy-saving, high-performance windows.

Hopper windows for Colorado and high altitudes offer:

  • Double/triple panes – Multiple panes are substantially more efficient, especially in winter.
  • Gas infill – The air gap between panes improves efficiency, but argon or krypton gas infills are better. They reduce heat transfer better than air, keeping warmth inside, where you need it in winter.
  • Low-E – Low-emissivity windows reflect the sun’s UV rays. This reduces heat gain and protects furniture and flooring.
  • Stronger frames – We have many durable window materials to choose from, including efficient, affordable, and long-lasting 100% vinyl.
  • Warm edge spacers – Double- and triple-glazed windows have spacers between the panes. Non-metallic spacers are better for high altitudes; they insulate the edges of the window and reduce heat transfer.
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What Is a Hopper Window?

Hopper windows open towards the inside of a room from the top or bottom of the “sash,” which is the moveable panel inside the window frame that holds the panes. Generally, hopper windows are great options for adding light, air, and space to small areas, like basements and small bathrooms.

What Is the Difference Between Hopper Windows, Awning Windows & Casement Windows?

Hopper windows, awning windows, and casement windows can all look the same in a closed position. They are also all similar in that they open from one side of the sash. Here are the key differences:

  • Hopper windows open inwards from the top or bottom of the sash.
  • Awning windows open outwards from the top or bottom of the sash.
  • Casement windows open inwards or outwards from the sides of the sash.

These differences make hopper, awning, and casement windows distinctly functional and unique suitable for different types of spaces. While hopper windows typically work best in small spaces, awning windows tend to be ideal for larger spaces that need more ventilation year-round (because the outward opening feature can deflect rain, leaves, etc.). Casement windows are also great options for large spaces, offering ventilation while brightening and opening up a room.

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Our Types of Replacement Windows

When it comes to windows, we have a variety of different styles, colors, and grids to ensure you get the absolute perfect fit for your home. We have three distinct lines of windows that can appeal to every homeowner’s budget and taste.

  • Karma – This double pane window comes in high-performance, energy-efficient options and features an ergonomic design.
  • Nirvana – The Nirvana model has the same qualities as our Karma line but offers improved thermal effectiveness and a heavy-duty vent lock.
  • Lotus – This triple pane window comes with Ultra S and Solar Ultra S Glass options and is reinforced with fiberglass to ensure maximum security.

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Zen Windows Denver Is the #1 Choice for Hopper Window Installation & Replacement in Colorado Springs & Denver

Whether you are shopping for different types of windows or it’s time to design, install, or replace hopper windows, the experts at Zen Windows Denver are ready to help! Proud to deliver excellent service and amazing results, Zen Windows Denver is the top choice for hopper window installation and replacement throughout Colorado Springs and the Denver metro area.

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Hopper Windows FAQs

Some frequently asked questions we receive about hopper windows include:

How Much Does It Cost to Install Basement Hopper Windows?

The cost of a basement hopper window installation will depend on the type and size of the windows. The best way to find out how much an installation will cost – and be confident that you’re getting superior service – is to contact Zen Windows Denver.

What Is the Average Size of a Basement Hopper Window?

There really is no standard size when it comes to basement hopper windows. That’s because sizes are usually matched to fit walls and rooms. In general, the single most common size for windows is 24 x 24 inches or 2 x 2 feet.

Do hopper windows open all the way?

Hopper windows have hinges on top or bottom. They can open at a 90° angle (all the way) or a 45° angle (partial-open). A crank-style handle is usually located on the inside-bottom and is turned to open/close the hopper window.

How are hopper windows used?

You’ll see many basements and bathrooms with hopper windows. They are becoming more popular in other rooms, like entries, laundry rooms, and kitchens. They are sometimes installed above large windows for decoration and additional light/ventilation.

My neighbor said to install my hopper window upside-down. Does that work?

No. You can DIY many things, but hopper window-installation at high altitudes isn’t one of them. For maximum energy savings and for insurance purposes, have your hopper windows professionally installed. Installing your hopper window upside-down or backward defeats the design principles and can compromise drainage from melting snow/rain.

Hopper windows are beautiful and efficient, and our high-altitude replacement windows will improve the value of your property. We serve Colorado Springs, Denver, and communities near or in:

  • Boulder
  • Castle Pines
  • Castle Rock
  • Golden
  • Highlands Ranch­
  • Littleton
  • Parker

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