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Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

How can you provide an accurate window quote without coming to my home?

What a window company needs to create an accurate quote is less than most people think. All we need is the size of the windows and to ask a few questions about what you want from your replacement windows. We can gather this by phone and then email you a quote for you to review on your own. We can also communicate by email if that is your preference. Most window companies insist they need to come to your home because they want to do an in-home sales presentation and spend most of their time trying to sell you on their windows. We skip the “blah-blah” and just give you a quote you can trust.

What’s the quality of your windows and what material is used?

We install high-quality, energy-efficient, 100% virgin vinyl windows. They are manufactured in the U.S. by a company that’s been around since 1934. By the way, these are high-quality vinyl windows, not the inferior kind made from recycled vinyl. The pure vinyl makes all the difference in the world.

What do you require as a deposit in order to get started?

No money at all until the job is done — and done right. That’s how we keep ourselves 100% accountable to you for the quality of our results. No deposit needed!

Do your windows have a warranty?

Yes, but pretty much all windows do. What makes us different is how comprehensive ours is: We give a real Lifetime Warranty that covers the product AND our workmanship. We even cover glass breakage. By the way, beware of some companies that talk about “Lifetime” warranties. Many of them don’t really mean lifetime coverage — they mean pro-rated coverage that reduces significantly over time.

Why do prices for replacement windows vary so much?

Probably the easiest way to explain it is this: Different window companies use different business models. For example, on the bottom end of the scale, you have some companies advertising unrealistically low prices. Often this kind of advertisement does not include your true final costs, and they’ll try hard to upsell you a more expensive window. You also might end up with an inferior window. Another business model is the huge window company that invests a lot of money in a big sales team, spends a ton of money on marketing, and builds a costly showroom. All that overhead has to be paid for. You might end up with quality windows, but chances are you’ll pay a lot more than you need to. Zen Windows uses a different business philosophy. We focus on offering high-quality windows and making our process so stress-free that people naturally want to recommend us to others. We cut out all the unnecessary overhead of sales and marketing and offer the best windows at reasonable prices.

I don’t like that my current windows are hard to open and difficult to clean. Will my replacement windows solve this problem?

Yes! Many homeowners live with old windows for far too long. The windows get stuck when you try to open them. They’re also hard to clean — especially from the outside. If you’ve been living with that, you’ll love these smooth-operating windows that tilt in for easy cleaning.

Do you replace window glass or the whole window?

Zen Windows Denver replaces your entire window, not just the glass. Simply replacing your glass might remedy a broken window or get you a slight improvement on energy costs, but it can’t compete with replacing your frame and hardware in terms of benefits to your home. A full window replacement improves your seal for energy efficiency, improves the function and beauty of your windows, and gives you options to change things up.

Can I get a payment plan for my replacement windows?

Yes, we can do that — and we make this process easy, too. For more details, please visit our Financing page.

What areas do you service?

We provide window replacement for Denver and surrounding areas. For a map of our jobs, please visit our Areas We Serve page.

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