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Energy-Efficient Windows in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

How to Find Energy-Efficient Windows For Your Denver Home

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thermal imaging of home's windows to check for energy efficiency

Just like cars have miles per gallon ratings, windows have ratings that tell you how energy efficient they are.

And just like every new car on the lot has an MPG sticker, windows come with an NFRC label that will tell you pretty much everything you need to know (FYI: This label is the only one accepted by the US Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® program).

One of the most important ratings on this label is the U-Factor of a window. Since U-Factor measures the rate of heat loss out a window, it is crucial to have the right U-Factor to save energy all winter.

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What You Need to Know About Energy-Efficient Windows

The #1 thing to know about U-Factor is this: The lower, the better.

Here’s what else you should know: For Denver and Colorado Springs winters, optimally, you’ll want a 0.30 rating or less. For particularly good energy efficiency, look for 0.25 or less.

More Energy-Efficient Window Ratings to Know

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): This measures the solar radiation a window allows in. The rating will be a number between 0 and 1 – and lower = better. You’ll save money on summer cooling bills with a lower SHGC. Generally, 0.32 or less is a useful guide for Denver-area homeowners.
  • Air Leakage: This is indicated by the amount of air that passes through a square foot of window. Lower numbers are desirable – 0.1 is considered outstanding (and is also the lowest published rating on any label); 0.2 is good; 0.3 is average; 0.4 or higher is unacceptable.

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Advantages of Energy-Efficient Windows in Denver

Energy-efficient windows offer numerous advantages for homeowners and businesses. These include:

  • Savings: Energy-efficient windows can save you up to 30% on your monthly heating and cooling costs. These savings add up quickly and mean that you will recoup the purchase and installation costs several times over.
  • Reduced frost buildup: The layers of energy-efficient glass are protected by a thin layer of metal that helps prevent frost buildup. This lets you see clearly through the windows, no matter how cold it is outside.
  • Improved indoor comfort: Energy-efficient windows keep the drafts away, meaning more comfort indoors when the temperatures drop outdoors.
  • Reduced stress of your HVAC systems: Energy-efficient windows help regulate the temperature in your home. This makes it easier for your heating and cooling systems to maintain a stable temperature. That, in turn, means your systems don’t have to work as hard, which can mean fewer repairs and a longer HVAC system life span.
  • Reduced sun damage: Energy-efficient windows block up to 75% of UV rays. This helps protect furniture, artwork, carpets, and paint from fading out as the years pass by.

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Choosing the Right Windows

Energy-efficient windows come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made of vinyl, others from aluminum. There are white frames and black, and pretty much any color you can imagine. You can choose double or triple panes filled with argon or krypton gas. There are ENERGY STAR® ratings to consider and much more. There are many variables to take into account, and we are happy to help you navigate your way through your options to the right decision.

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We will help you sort through your options until you find the perfect windows styles for your home, budget, and desired level of comfort and protection.

Envision Your New Windows

Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

It takes around 30 minutes to an hour to install one new energy-efficient window on your home. The process requires removing the old window and inspecting the frame for warping and other damage that needs repairing before installation. Our installation crews thoroughly inspect each frame to ensure the window fits perfectly, and we are firm believers that it is always better to measure twice and cut once.

Most home projects can be completed in one or two days. Before commencing work, we will determine the best time to perform the task so that it causes minimal disruption to your routine.

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Zen Windows – The ENERGY STAR Awards!

Zen Windows’ Manufacturer Partner, Soft-Lite Windows, won the 2014, 2015, and 2016 National ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award by the EPA. We use the manufacturer Soft-Lite exclusively for all our windows. You are guaranteed to get energy-efficient windows when you choose us!

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