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Special Shape Window Installation or Replacement in Denver & Colorado Springs

Custom Shaped Windows for Denver Homes

Rectangular and square windows are great, but they don’t fit every homeowner’s need. That’s why Zen Windows Denver provides a wide selection of specially-shaped windows. Our custom window shapes help homeowners realize their creative vision with innovative, high-quality window designs. And our expert installation services make the window replacement process easy.

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Custom Shaped To Match Your Style

What Are Special Shape Windows?

These “geometric windows” fall under the picture window category, which means they’re fixed in place (non-operable), bringing natural light into your home in an elegant or offbeat style.

There are a number of uses for special shaped windows, such as completing a window grouping. You might place an arched window (sometimes called an eyebrow window or semi-circular window) above two fully operable double-hung windows. This creates a graceful, cathedral type window or Mediterranean window style.

Custom, special shape windows are also ideal when you have a small or unconventionally shaped wall area that you’d like to brighten, or a strangely shaped window you need to replace. Our specially shaped windows are perfect for these situations.

We can install new, specially shaped windows in your home with high energy-efficiency ratings, plus optional UV blocking, tinting, and other available features. No matter the window look you’re after, we’re here to help you accent your home’s distinctive curb appeal with affordable, full-service special shape window replacement.

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Special Shape Window Options from Zen Windows Denver

At Zen Windows Denver, we source, stock, and install specialty shape windows in many beautiful forms and multiple sizes. Each geometric window is specially created for your Colorado Springs or Denver area home to ensure precise placement.

We offer many specially shaped window types, including:

  • Round, half-circle, and quarter-circle windows
  • Hexagonal windows
  • Octagonal windows
  • Pentagon-shaped windows
  • Trapezoidal windows
  • Triangular windows
  • Gothic windows
  • Transom windows
  • And many more!

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Geometric Window Benefits

Special shape window advantages include:

  • Enhanced curb appeal and distinctive home appearance.
  • High energy efficiency with no drafts, since the window is fixed in place.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Great return on investment. Should you sell your home, custom windows help your house stand out in the market and could potentially add to the asking price.

Although custom, specially shaped and sized windows can be more challenging to source from window designers and manufacturers, Zen Windows has excellent industry connections, allowing us to supply them for you!

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Why Choose Zen Windows Denver Special Shape Window Installation & Replacement?

Zen Windows Denver is here to make window replacement nearly effortless for you, even when it comes to special shape windows! We don’t believe in sales pitches, so calling us is comfortable and stress-free.

Our simple goal is to offer expert advice, find you the ideal widow solution, and schedule prompt window installation. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with our no-money-down policy and reliable window warranty backed by Zen Windows Denver as well as the window manufacturer.

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