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Sliding windows will never go out of style! They are a space-saving, convenient way to add natural light and ventilation to every room. Here in Colorado, we love unobstructed views and sunlight. That’s why sliding windows are a great home improvement choice.

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If you’re considering selling your home, replacement windows can deliver as much as a 77.5% return on investment. Your sliding windows investment also qualifies for ENERGY STAR® federal tax credits.

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Ready To Install Slider Windows in Your Home?


What Is a Sliding Window?

With sliding windows, you get more window and less frame, and one pane moves while the other stays in place. You can choose between two types of sliding windows:

  • Horizontal sliding windows have sliding side panes. These are good options for wide and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Vertical sliding windows open from the top or bottom panes. These work well in narrow, tall spaces.

Don’t let money stop you from a home improvement project that offers energy-cost savings and a great ROI. Call 303-658-9990 or contact Zen Windows Denver for a fast, free quote.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Our energy-efficient slider windows offer:

  • Beauty: The vast selection of sizes, styles, and customizable options mean you’re more likely to find exactly what you want with Zen Windows Denver. Sliding windows can be customized for any home.
  • Durability: Zen Windows Denver sliding windows are guaranteed for life.
  • Easy operation: Simply unlatch and slide your windows open for instant access to air and light. With few parts, a simple design, and easy-glide rollers, slider windows are easy to clean and maintain.

Are you unsure if sliding windows are right for your home? No problem. Thanks to technology, we provide a quote with no home visit and no high-pressure sales tactics. We’ll discuss your slider windows project by phone.

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Pros and Cons of Sliding Windows in Denver

Zen Windows Denver products are energy-efficient and attractive. But sliding windows aren’t always the right choice for every homeowner. There are advantages and disadvantages.



  • Ease of use – Sliding windows’ design makes them easy to open and close. They glide smoothly along the window frame track.
  • Lightweight frames – Sliding windows are strong and sturdy, but the frames are lightweight, so even the most challenged adult can easily open and close the latch or the windows themselves.
  • Low-maintenance – Other windows have more moving parts to maintain, but sliding windows only have a few parts. Low maintenance means they’re cost-effective, which works well with any budget.
  • More ventilation, light – Sliding replacement windows are terrific for areas that need more light and air. They’re perfect for above-the-sink and other areas where ease of operation is important.


  • Less seal – We have other windows that are more energy-efficient, like casement windows. Because they are sometimes difficult to clean outside, dirt can clog the tracks, making them harder to operate.
  • Outside window-cleaning – Second-floor sliding windows are difficult to access. You might want to consider tilt-in panes for hard-to-reach window sites. Professional window cleaners can solve the problem. (A more inexpensive option is to buy a long-handled cleaning brush.)

You’ll be glad you chose Zen Windows Denver! We’re a top choice for doors and windows because we guarantee great results. You don’t pay until the project is finished.

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