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Double-hung windows have two operating sashes that move up and down to allow for ventilation on the window’s top, bottom, or both. Viewed from the indoors, the lower sash is usually in front of the upper one. The windows can be made with a solid pane of glass or built-in muntins or sash bars to give the illusion of separate panes. Some models feature snap-in removable grids. These features are decorative only but can add a lot of charm to a room and home.

Double-hung windows feature side jamb grooves which enable the sashes to slide separately from each other. Some units are available with full window screens, which allow for full ventilation from the top or bottom. Others have half-screens that need to be placed in position.

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Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows also have an upper and lower sash, so they look the same as double-hung windows from a distance. However, the top sash in a single-hung window is fixed in place, and only the bottom one is moveable. Double-hung windows have sashes that can move up and down.

Other distinctions include:

  • Price: Because they have more moving parts, double-hung windows tend to be more expensive than single-hung windows.
  • Ventilation: You generally get better ventilation with double-hung windows as you can open both sashes. This feature also helps improve fresh air circulation.
  • Energy savings: Depending on the type of glass you choose, both single and double-hung windows can be energy-efficient. However, double- and triple-paned windows are more energy-efficient than single-paned ones, especially if you order models with gas insulation between the panes. The key to optimal energy efficiency, no matter which type of window you choose, is expert installation.

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Are Double-Hung Windows More Expensive Than Single-Hung Windows?

In initial costs, yes, double-hung windows are more expensive than single-hung versions. However, what you pay upfront is an investment that is paid back through the time you save in cleaning them and the increased ventilation they provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Double-Hung Windows

How much do double-hung windows cost?

The size, frame material, and energy-efficient options you choose determine the cost of your replacement double-hung windows. The fastest and easiest way to find out much replacement windows for your home will cost is to schedule a free estimate with Zen Windows Denver.

Can double-hung windows save energy?

Windows with double- or triple-pane glass with argon/krypton gas between the panes provide the highest level of energy savings available because the gas increases the window’s insulating properties. Be sure to choose windows with the ENERGY STAR® label, which is awarded to the most energy-efficient windows on the market.

How do you clean double-hung windows?

The tilt-in sash on double-hung windows makes them a breeze to clean. No more going outside or climbing on a ladder!

Which material is best for double-hung window frames?

Wood and vinyl-framed windows are the two most popular options. Wood windows have numerous drawbacks, including the amount of maintenance they require and their higher cost. When wood frames warp or rot, they no longer fit correctly, making opening and closing the window difficult. They also allow air to leak in and out of your home, leading to higher energy bills. Aesthetically, wood-framed windows tend to fade over time due to sun and weather exposure. On the other hand, vinyl frames are not affected by rain or moisture and are less expensive than wood. They’re also available in a wide range of fade-resistant colors.

When should I upgrade to new double-hung windows?

For lower quality windows, you might want to replace your existing windows with new double-hung windows if they’re more than seven years old. We recommend that you replace higher-quality windows after 15 to 20 years. If your energy bills are higher than usual or you feel drafts coming from your windows, you’ll notice a huge difference after you invest in a window upgrade.