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Picture Window Replacement & Installation in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

Picture windows help you make the most of your surroundings and enjoy natural light in your home. Large picture windows for homes can transform any style of house. Picture windows enhance curb appeal, adding value to your home (or helping you sell your home faster), should you want to do so in future. Most importantly, the natural views can make daily life more pleasant for your family.

What Is a Picture Window?

Picture windows exist primarily to frame your view. They are stationary, fixed windows that do not open. A large picture window is an excellent choice when clear, unobstructed views are the priority. Static, non-mobile picture windows can be larger than a typical “operable” window so that you can bring even more outdoor surroundings and bright, natural light into your room. There are many standard picture window sizes available, and you can even request custom picture windows. A typical width for picture windows ranges from 24 – 96 inches, and picture window sizes (heights) range from 12 – 96 inches.

To enjoy the best of both worlds, outstanding views and fresh air, picture windows are often surrounded by windows that do open or vent. This combination, with a picture window in the center and vented windows on each side, is quite common.

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Advantages of Installing Replacement Picture Windows in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

A picture window in your Denver or Colorado Springshome will allow you to:

  • Accent the area — Dress up your room without the need for art (at least not on that particular section of wall).
  • Expand your views — Bring views of the outdoor landscaping or gorgeous Colorado scenery into your home with a large picture window.
  • Open up your living space — Picture windows visually enlarge your room, especially when combined with (placed next to or between), vented windows.
  • Receive more sunlight and natural light — By installing a picture window in a higher, hard-to-reach location, your home will be illuminated with unobstructed light from outside.
  • Save on energy costs — You’ll prevent energy waste since picture windows don’t open, and you may even require less indoor lighting from electrical sources. Choosing insulated windows further increases efficiency.
  • Add value to your home — Brand new windows could help your home sell quicker by enhancing your curb appeal.

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Picture Window Design Ideas

If you use the picture window as part of a multi-window combination, with vented windows on either side, for example, you’ll have a setup that offers large views with operable features. Here’s a decor tip: To amplify the effect of the picture window, making your room appear even larger and brighter, place a mirror on the opposite or adjacent wall.  To learn more about the unique benefits certain windows can offer, contact our window replacement company today. We can help you with picture window replacement ideas that suit your needs. We offer affordable picture window prices, and we’re happy to estimate the cost for your specific window choices.

Our Types of Replacement Windows

When it comes to windows, we have a variety of different styles, colors, and grids to ensure you get the absolute perfect fit for your home. We have three distinct lines of windows that can appeal to every homeowner’s budget and taste.

  • Karma – This double pane window comes in high-performance, energy-efficient options and features an ergonomic design.
  • Nirvana – The Nirvana model has the same qualities as our Karma line but offers improved thermal effectiveness and a heavy-duty vent lock.
  • Lotus – This triple pane window comes with Ultra S and Solar Ultra S Glass options and is reinforced with fiberglass to ensure maximum security.

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