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Zen Windows FAQs

How much of a deposit do you require?

We do not. Never give a down payment to a window company. Ever. We would never ask for payment on services not rendered.

What are my payment options?

Pay with cash, check, or the credit card you choose. We also offer financing on window replacement and installation.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer 12 months same as cash or an option that’s tailored for your situation. Call 303-658-9990 or fill out our quote form for details.

How long will it take to complete my window installation project?

Not long. After you’ve received your window installation quote and have decided that you’d like Zen Windows to replace your windows, just give us the go-ahead. Usually, we’ll come in a few days to take exact measurements. After that, we’ll complete your project in 3–5 weeks.

Are your windows manufactured in Colorado?

We proudly offer Soft-Lite Windows, which are manufactured in Streetsboro, Ohio. After thousands of these window installations in the Denver, Colorado area, we’ve never had an issue with the altitude.

Do you offer a lifetime warranty on your windows?

Yes, and we believe our warranty is pretty special. Not all lifetime warranties are created equal. Here’s the bottom line for the Zen Windows warranty: our warranty covers every window we sell, and as long as your home is still standing, you’ll never have to spend another dime on your windows. This means we pay for the window, glass, installation, and trip expenses. There is no fine print (exclusions), and the warranty is fully transferable every time the home sells. How much more Zen can a warranty be?

Do you install windows in the winter?

Yes, we do! To prevent heat loss, we take all precautions possible. We replace a minimum number of windows at a time and close off rooms as we work.

What if I want a salesman to come to my home?

If you want a stranger to come to your home and give you the old dog and pony show sales pitch with heat lamps on your kitchen table, we aren’t the company for you.

Will the quote change when you come to measure?

No. You didn’t just receive a Zen Windows quote. You received a Zen Windows promise. We will not change the quote on you when we come to measure.

How can you give an accurate window installation quote without coming into my home?

After years of quoting projects, we have learned to ask the right questions to get the needed information. Zen Windows Denver also uses internet research. If you have something unusual, just email or text us a picture. It’s really that simple.

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