Windows For Colorado Homes Should Be Made In Colorado… Right?

Actually, That’s A Myth.

There are Denver window companies that tell you that your replacement windows should always be manufactured in Colorado.

The reason, they say, is that these windows are made to withstand our high altitudes and extreme temperatures. That might sound plausible, but it’s a myth.

It’s simply false that windows made elsewhere cannot stand up to high altitudes and extreme temperatures.

For example, our manufacturer Soft-Lite has been around since 1934, manufacturing American-made windows in Streetsboro, Ohio. The windows they make have been proven to be durable in any climate in the United States, including Colorado.

It is true that some windows will not hold up well in high-altitudes. But that’s not about where they are made – it’s about the material used and the manufacturer’s quality standards. Avoid windows made from recycled vinyl – they will not hold up in the Denver area climate.

Our windows are made from a pure 100% virgin vinyl that has been proven to be very suitable for the Denver area. We back up that statement with the best window warranty you’ve ever seen. (Go here to visit our warranty page to discover more).

So, remember, if someone tries to tell you that replacement windows for your home need to be manufactured in Colorado, that’s a myth!