Fact or Myth: Denver replacement windows should be made in Colorado to ensure they’re durable enough to withstand the climate here.

This is a myth. The ability of windows to cope with the high altitude and temperature extremes of the Mile High City has nothing to do with where they’re made. Instead, it has everything to do with how they’re made. In other words, you don’t need to look for high-altitude windows if you’re getting high-quality windows to begin with.

Fact or Myth: Recycled vinyl windows don’t hold up well in high altitudes.

This is a fact. The environmentalist in you might make you feel inclined to purchase windows that contain recycled materials, but here in Denver, you need 100% pure virgin vinyl for the best results. This material has proven durability in any US climate, including Colorado.

If you’re worried about environmental sustainability, just remember that you can recycle vinyl windows at the end their lifecycle. The material can be melted down and remolded into different products, not just windows. Vinyl can be recycled many times, which is better for the earth than incinerating it or tossing it in the landfill.

Fact or Myth: If durability doesn’t depend on where a window is manufactured, then you should purchase those made in other countries.

This is a misconception. Whether a window is manufactured high in the mountains or at sea level doesn’t impact its durability. However, this doesn’t mean you should instantly look to foreign manufacturers. There are plenty of reasons to still buy American-made windows:

  • Economics: When you buy windows made in the U.S., your money stays in the domestic economy. You also support jobs here at home to keep Americans employed.
  • Environmental concerns: The environmental regulations in some countries are less stringent when compared to those in the United States, meaning the window manufacturing process could be less eco-friendly overseas. Transporting goods internationally also requires a great deal of fuel, which generates harmful emissions.
  • Quality: The high standards of American manufacturing help to ensure your windows will be made to last.
  • Human rights: You can rest assured your windows weren’t made in sweatshops by child laborers when you purchase from a U.S.-based company.

Soft-Lite, the manufacturer for Zen Windows Denver, has been making high-quality replacement vinyl windows since 1934. This American company based in Streetsboro, Ohio uses virgin vinyl for the best possible results in Colorado’s fluctuating climate.

We back up this claim with the best window warranty you’ve ever seen. Unlike other companies, our lifetime warranties are exactly that—lifetime. There’s no fine print, loopholes, or exclusions to diminish your coverage.

Has defective workmanship caused your windows to fail? It’s covered. Is your window malfunctioning and operating poorly? It’s covered. Did the neighbor’s kid throw a ball through your window? Yes, it’s covered! 

We invite you to learn more about our top-quality windows and our unique window installation process today. Simply contact us at (303) 507-5206​​​​​​​ to request a hassle-free quote with just a few minutes of your time.

At Zen Windows Denver, we want you to be happy with your choice in windows. That’s why we never pressure or trick you into buying something that doesn’t suit your needs and budget. We believe you can make the best decision by being informed about quality windows and your options.

With Zen Windows Denver, you can be confident that you’re getting exceptional service, turnkey solutions, and lifetime guarantees! We have won many Angie’s List Super Service Awards, we hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we have many glowing reviews from past clients. We are ready to provide you with superior service for all of your window needs!