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Garden Window Installation Services in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

What Is a Garden Window?

Garden windows are three-dimensional, glass-topped windows that extend out from the exterior wall of the home. Functional, unique, and beautiful, garden windows are often used as tiny greenhouses, the ideal place for a potted herb garden. Kitchen garden windows are the most requested, but these showcase windows can work in almost any room of your home. You can use the sunny space to display anything you like.

Creative Uses for Garden Windows

Garden windows from Zen Windows Denver can be used to grow or display:

  • Herbs to spice up your meals in the kitchen
  • Plants or flowers in colored glass vases in the family room
  • Rows of plants or cacti in almost any room
  • Collections of ceramics, perfume bottles, tabletop art, or other items in a bedroom or living room garden window
  • Rolled bath towels and attractive toiletries in the master bathroom window
  • Awards and trophies in the den
  • Family photos in your home office or craft room garden window
  • Your original artwork in your studio or workshop garden window
  • And more!

Garden windows are practical and eye-catching. To get a quick, free quote on garden window installation in Denver or Colorado Springs, contact the pros at Zen Windows today! Dial (303) 507-5206 or contact us online!

Our Garden Windows Are Made for High Altitude

Like the weather, elevations here in the Denver area of Colorado are different than the rest of the country. So our requirements for windows are different, too. As you ascend higher, air pressure decreases. It becomes less dense. This makes it harder to maintain a strong seal on windows. It also affects the way the gas between the panes expands and contracts with changing temperatures.

Zen Windows Denver glass professionals understand what special requirements should be met for high-altitude casement windows:

  • Argon or krypton gas infills keep heat inside your home
  • Low-E coating for the summer heat
  • Multiple panes separated by small air gaps
  • Non-metallic spacers
  • Superior quality frame material

When you partner with us for garden window installation, you can be sure your windows are customized for high altitudes and extreme weather. Your beautiful garden windows will be architecturally compatible with your structure and a terrific upgrade to your property.

Garden windows are a great investment. You’ll realize energy savings (and save money) with your high-altitude garden windows installation. It will also increase your property value as well as curb appeal. We can give you a hassle-free quote on your garden windows project before we visit! Call Zen Windows Denver at (303) 507-5206 or contact us to plan your garden window project.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Garden Windows in Denver & Colorado Springs Homes?

Quality garden windows from Zen Windows Denver are:

  • Attractive — These versatile windows can work in any room of the house.
  • Functional — Their display nook is perfect for storage and also offers a unique, eye-catching appearance, whether viewed from inside or outside the house.
  • Energy-efficient — A garden window lets in natural sunlight, which can brighten any room without the need for lamps or lights.
  • Plant-friendly — Bring garden foliage into a condo or townhouse that lacks private green space outdoors. This allows you to enjoy flowers and plants all year round, even in Denver and Colorado Springs winters.
  • And more.

We can help you select a garden window that complements the style of your home. If you like, we can also suggest where to place the window, although homeowners often choose the traditional garden window over the kitchen sink. This way, you can reach up and pluck some bay leaves to add flavor to whatever you’re cooking instantly!

Tell us where you want your garden window! Contact Zen Windows Denver today.

Garden Window Options & Considerations

Vinyl garden windows from Zen Windows Denver are typically made using four panes of glass, framed with high-quality vinyl, and include energy-efficient features. The bottom of the window is typically not glass, but a solid surface called a seat board. Garden windows may include glass shelves.

Installing standard windows, such as casement windows, on either side of the garden window provides comfortable airflow and frames the garden window nicely. Ask your Zen Windows representative about garden window size, material, and color options—or request a custom window. Whether you desire the classic kitchen garden window above your sink or want your window in another room, we’re ready to help.

Our Types of Replacement Windows

When it comes to windows, we have a variety of different styles, colors, and grids to ensure you get the absolute perfect fit for your home. We have three distinct lines of windows that can appeal to every homeowner’s budget and taste.

  • Karma – This double pane window comes in high-performance, energy-efficient options and features an ergonomic design.
  • Nirvana – The Nirvana model has the same qualities as our Karma line but offers improved thermal effectiveness and a heavy-duty vent lock.
  • Lotus – This triple pane window comes with Ultra S and Solar Ultra S Glass options and is reinforced with fiberglass to ensure maximum security.

Contact Zen Windows Denver today to learn more about our various replacement window options.

Get Quality Garden Window Installation in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

We sell garden windows that will suit your home perfectly whether you’re adding a brand new window or replacing a garden window. At Zen Windows, we make the selection and installation process smooth and efficient. Our talented team provides top-quality window installation and superior customer service without the annoying sales pitch. We guarantee our window products and installation to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Get your fast, free and accurate quote on new or replacement garden windows. It’s easy, and no home visit is needed for a precise estimate. Simply contact Zen Windows online, or call us at (303) 507-5206 today.


Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our high-altitude garden windows include:

Are garden windows more expensive than bay windows?

Actually, they’re about the same. But simply because garden windows are smaller, they might cost less to install. The costs of installing a garden window can be from $800-$3,300*.

Do garden windows leak?

The thick frames make garden windows naturally airtight. They can be watertight as well when professionally installed by Zen Windows Denver. Flashing is included that will prevent leaks.

What’s the difference between garden windows, bay windows, and bow windows?

Bay windows are three glass units that angle from the wall to the outside. Bow windows are like bay windows but may have as many as five panes of glass. Garden windows have three panes of glass, but the biggest difference between garden and bay windows is that garden windows are turned at 90° angles; bay windows at 45°.

*Prices based on 2017 estimates also vary by region.

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