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Fiberglass Windows in Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

Fiberglass windows are attractive, strong, lightweight, and low maintenance—but they are also more costly than high-quality PVC vinyl windows. Since vinyl windows, when expertly installed, share similar positive attributes, either material can be a viable option. Fiberglass, however, has a cost disadvantage.

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What Are Fiberglass Windows?

Fiberglass windows are made from heated polyester resins and glass matting, which combine to create a shapeable, moldable hybrid material ideal for windows, as well as surfboards and watercraft. Unlike expensive wood-framed windows, fiberglass (along with vinyl) is waterproof.

Advantages of Fiberglass Windows over Wood Windows

Fiberglass windows are half the cost of wood. When combined with the higher upkeep wood requires, many homeowners stop considering wood as a window replacement option. Neither vinyl or fiberglass windows are vulnerable to elements like wood. Neither will rot nor swell in Denver or Colorado Springs weather like naturally absorbent, porous wood can. That’s why, for most homeowners, the choice comes down to fiberglass versus vinyl.

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Comparing Fiberglass & Vinyl Windows

Fiberglass and vinyl are worthy opponents of one another since they are both low-maintenance and strong, although fiberglass is technically stronger and unlikely to warp. The strength advantage of fiberglass is sabotaged, however, by the fact that it cannot be installed quite as watertight as vinyl.

Vinyl is, on average, about 30 percent cheaper than fiberglass, and this fact outweighs any very slight advantages that fiberglass may have, outlined below. In fact, vinyl and fiberglass window performance evens out after installation. That’s because vinyl windows are fusion-weldable, for a high-quality watertight and airtight (energy-efficient) result. Fiberglass windows are secured with screws, and therefore arguably not as “strong,” in the end, as vinyl windows. Let’s look at the pros and cons of fiberglass windows.

Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Vinyl shares many of these advantages (making vinyl and fiberglass about equal), but some of the benefits of fiberglass windows include:

  • Material strength — Fiberglass is highly resistant to warping, although once installed, the vinyl window becomes stronger due to fusion welding, which makes high-quality vinyl windows more durable.
  • Green factor — Fiberglass windows may be classified as environmentally friendly since they are more than half glass, which is recyclable. PVC vinyl is considered less eco-friendly than fiberglass.
  • Added value — Fiberglass windows are seen as more high-end than vinyl, so if you sell your home in the near future, you may get a bigger boost to your resale value from fiberglass.

Why Vinyl Wins for Windows: The Cost Advantage

With all quality factors relatively equal, vinyl windows pull ahead in the price department. Vinyl windows will save you, on average, 25 to 30 percent, compared to fiberglass–which puts vinyl way ahead for most customers. Since other attributes are about equal, vinyl is often the preferred choice among our customers, especially since our installation is top-notch. (Without expert installation, vinyl windows won’t live up to their optimal level of performance.)

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