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Patio Door Replacement in Denver, CO

Get Beautiful, Durable, Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Doors for Your Denver & Colorado Springs Home

Denver and Colorado Springs residents are lucky enough to have the Rocky Mountains in their backyard. What better way to invite outdoor beauty into your home than by choosing to install a sliding door?

At Zen Windows Denver, we provide Colorado residents with a wide range of sliding door products and services to bring timeless elegance to their homes.

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Zen Windows is committed to creating the living space of your dreams through expert sliding glass door installation and replacement services, featuring only the industry’s highest quality brands and products.

Trust the top-rated door replacement company in Denver and Colorado Springs to bring enhanced beauty to your home with sliding door installation or replacement.

Our Beautiful Sliding Patio Doors: Dharma

Our exclusive Dharma patio doors are built for durability and will operate smoothly decade after decade.

These patio doors have more viewing area and a more elegant appearance than the bulky, boxy patio doors you often see.

Benefits of Installing Patio & Sliding Doors in Your Home

Besides adding more beauty to your home, patio and sliding doors offer Denver homeowners a wide range of additional benefits. Here are some of the reasons sliding door installation is the right choice for your home:

  • Light: Sliding doors are primarily comprised of glass, allowing more natural light to flood your living space.
  • Airflow: Allow the fresh breeze to circulate through your home with wide openings available through sliding door operation. Slide the door on its track, leave it open, and bask in the mountain air.
  • Entertainment: Especially when hosting barbecues or family parties, sliding glass doors allow greater traffic flow through the home, making entertaining a breeze.
  • Space: Because sliding doors don’t swing open, they allow for increased space while providing easy access to the outdoors.

While homeowners in the past have raised concerns about the safety of sliding doors, advancements in glass and door manufacturing have increased their security. With thicker glass and available double-lock features, sliding doors provide equal parts beauty and security.

Start reaping the benefits of sliding door installation in your home by contacting Zen Windows today!

Get Your New Patio Doors With Zen

Types of Patio Doors Available for Denver & Colorado Springs Homes

Patio and sliding doors are versatile in their material and operational offerings. At Zen Windows, our team can provide the following choices:

  • Traditional sliding doors: Set on a track and featuring large panes of glass, these doors are perfect for providing increased light and airflow.
  • French patio doors: These doors are hinged like entry doors, typically featuring side-by-side configuration and intricate glass design work.
  • Folding patio doors: For a modern twist on the classic sliding door, folding patio doors work like an accordion to open and close with anywhere from two to eight panels.

Zen Windows features various customizable features for your new sliding patio door, including vinyl and fiberglass materials. A wide selection of colors are available to match any decorative style, so your sliding door is sure to be unique to your home.

Call our expert door replacement company at (303) 507-5206 or contact us online to learn more about our patio and sliding door offerings today!

Schedule Patio & Sliding Glass Door Installation in Denver or Colorado Springs

Ready to give your home the makeover it deserves? We are, too! At Zen Windows, our team is committed to providing hassle-free, 100% accurate door installation and replacement services. Offering the finest brands and products, we’re confident in our ability to match you with the perfect sliding door for your Denver home.

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Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about replacement patio doors in Denver include:

Are patio doors safe?

Your patio doors provide as much protection as other exterior doors. What’s more, Zen Windows patio door replacements offer more protection than your older unit.

In addition to thick, energy-efficient glass, Zen Windows Denver patio door hardware is strong and durable. We have special locking systems and stronger latches for improved safety and security.

How long should sliding glass doors last?

If your patio doors were installed more than 20 years ago, you’re probably due for a replacement. Your Zen Windows Denver patio doors have a lifetime warranty.

The insulation and energy efficiency of your Zen Windows patio door is so good it also qualifies for an ENERGY STAR® tax rebate. You’ll likely see lower energy bills every month.

What do I need to look for in a new patio door?

Before you invest in a patio door for your Colorado home or office, you need to measure. Are you stuck with your patio door size as is? Not at all. Your replacement patio door can be the same size or customized.

  • Maybe you’ll want a foot-operated deadbolt. Our security hardware is industry-best.
  • The material you choose makes a difference. We offer materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, and steel. Frame styles can also be customized to work with your architecture.
  • You have options for color and finish. If ambiance is important, you can opt for etched glass or grid inserts.
  • You’ll have several options for glass coating and insulation, and they’re all superior.

If you have sliding door problems, don’t wait to get a replacement. The air loss is costly, but the security risk is too high to delay.

Replace your older patio doors with low-maintenance, energy-efficient Zen Windows Denver patio doors. Our security features are the most effective on the market.

Our team uses technology to provide your quote. No mandatory home visit and no upselling. Just the most hassle-free experience you’ve ever had.

What kind of maintenance does a sliding glass patio door require?

In addition to keeping the glass clean (you’ll want the best view!), other regular maintenance tips are:

  • Dust the frame, then wipe it down with warm, soapy water. Don’t use harsh chemicals.
  • Dust tracks/rollers every month with warm, soapy water. (A toothbrush is excellent for hard-to-reach places.)
  • Lubricate the tracks (only when tracks are clean).
  • Replace worn weatherstripping (but you shouldn’t need weatherstripping with a Zen Windows patio door installation).

When should I replace my patio doors?

If your patio doors are 15-20 years old, you’re losing energy and compromising safety. Zen Windows Denver patio doors have a transferrable lifetime warranty.

You’re also not stuck with your patio door’s original location and size. There are several factors to consider, but it’s possible to update your sliding glass door system to work even better with your home’s architecture and layout.

Which patio door style is most energy-efficient?

Your insulated, energy-efficient Zen Windows patio door may qualify for a federal tax rebate. But the real savings is when your monthly energy bill arrives. You’ll likely see lower energy bills almost immediately after your Zen Windows Denver patio door installation.

Sliding glass patio doors are more energy-efficient because they have only two glass panels. French patio doors have four panels.

Zen Windows patio doors have increased thermal insulation when fitted with composite gaskets that are weatherproof and soundproof. Our glass glazes offer UV protection and additional thermal insulation.

Which patio door style is safest?

French-style patio doors remain popular, but Zen Windows Denver sliding glass patio doors provide superior safety. We use thick, energy-efficient glass and tough fiberglass, steel, or vinyl frames. Our patio door hardware is extra-strong and durable.

Zen Windows offers advanced locking systems that can include a foot-operated deadbolt and stronger latches for improved security.

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