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Patio Door Installation & Replacement in Denver & Colorado Springs Area

Get Beautiful, Durable, Energy-Efficient Patio Sliding Doors for Your Denver or Colorado Springs Home

Denver and Colorado Springs residents are lucky enough to have the Rocky Mountains right in their backyard. What better way to invite the outdoor beauty into your home than by choosing to install a sliding door? At Zen Windows Denver, we provide Colorado residents with a wide range of sliding door products and services to bring timeless elegance to their homes.

Featuring only the industry’s top-rated brands and products, Zen Windows is committed to creating the living space of your dreams through expert sliding door installation and replacement services.

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Our Beautiful Sliding Patio Doors: Dharma

Our exclusive Dharma patio doors are built for durability and will operate smoothly decade after decade.

These patio doors have more viewing area and a more elegant appearance than the bulky, boxy patio doors you often see.

Benefits of Patio & Sliding Doors in Denver & Colorado Springs

Besides adding increased beauty to your home, patio and sliding doors offer homeowners a wide range of additional benefits. The following are just some of the reasons sliding door installation is the right choice for your Denver home:

  • Light: Sliding doors are primarily comprised of glass, allowing increased natural light to flood your living space.
  • Airflow: Allow the fresh breeze to circulate through your home with wide openings available through sliding door operation. Simply slide the door on its track, leave open, and bask in the mountain air.
  • Entertaining: Especially when hosting barbecues or family parties, sliding glass doors allow for greater traffic flow through the home, making entertaining a breeze.
  • Space: Because sliding doors don’t swing open, they allow for increased space while still providing easy access to the outdoors.

While homeowners in the past have raised concern about the safety of sliding doors, advancements in glass and door manufacturing have increased their security. With thicker glass and available double-lock features, sliding doors provide you with equal parts beauty and security.

Start reaping the benefits of sliding door installation in your home by calling Zen Windows at (303) 507-5206 or contacting us online today!

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Types of Patio & Sliding Doors for Denver & Colorado Springs Homes

Patio and sliding doors are quite versatile in their material and operational offerings. At Zen Windows, our team can provide you with the following choices:

  • Traditional Sliding Doors: Set on a track and featuring large panes of glass, these doors are perfect for providing increased light and airflow.
  • French Patio Doors: These doors are hinged like entry doors, typically featuring side-by-side configuration and intricate glass design work.
  • Folding Patio Doors: For a modern twist on the classing sliding door, folding patio doors work like an accordion to open and close with anywhere from two to eight panels.

Zen Windows features a wide selection of materials for a customized approach to your sliding door installation, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Featuring color options to match any decorative style, your sliding door is sure to be unique to your home.

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