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New Windows with No Hassle

Welcome to the Colorado Springs window company that thinks differently! Our no-pressure process gets you a quote without a down payment or having a pushy salesman visit your home. Our quotes are guaranteed to be 100% accurate with no hidden fees.

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Why Choose Zen Windows?

We oppose ALL sales pressure, so we NEVER twist your arm to get you to hire us. But if you’re looking for superior replacement windows and a pleasant experience, we are a great choice. We’ve revolutionized window replacement from top to bottom. When you choose Zen Windows Colorado Springs, you'll receive:

  • Hassle-free quotes – This will be the easiest quote process you have ever experienced from a home improvement company in Colorado. Pick up the phone and call us. We'll only keep you on the phone for five or 10 minutes gathering some information. You'll then be emailed a quote within one business day.
  • A better process – It isn’t just our quotes that are relaxed and streamlined. We’ve designed the entire process to be stress-free.
  • Hands-on ownership – Our owners are hands-on and care about every aspect of the customer experience. You’ll have direct access to call them and get fast answers and solutions to any concerns you have. There is nothing like the accountability of being able to pick up the phone and talk to an owner.
  • No deposits – How many window companies don’t ask for ANY payment until the job is done? At Zen Windows, we don’t ask for any deposit at all. With us, you never have to worry because you don’t pay until we get your windows installed to your satisfaction.
  • Payment plans – Our simple and hassle-free ways include payment plans. We make applying for financing easy and we have competitive terms.

Our Colorado Springs Replacement Windows

We know no two Colorado Springs-area homes are the same, and this means that each house has different needs when it comes to their windows. That’s why we offer a variety of replacement window types, so we can handle and install any windows you may need.

Double hung – Our most popular option, our replacement double hung windows combine a classic look with a durable composition.

Awning – Hinged at the top so they can swing outward, awning windows are typically used in first floor bathrooms and basements.

Bay – These windows protrude from your home, giving it a unique look from the exterior and giving you more room inside.

Special shape – When your home really stands out with a uniquely shaped window, you can count on Zen Windows for special shape window replacements.

Garden – Perfect for the kitchen, a garden window offers an extended sill for plants and other objects. The tops of these windows are optimal for letting in sunlight.

Round top – Whether going above a door or being installed elsewhere in your home, a round top window is a great home design choice.

Casement – Casement windows have a side hinge allowing the window to swing in the same manner as a door opens and closes.

Slider – These windows offer the most glass area of our windows, making them ideal for smaller rooms.

Bow – Bow windows are similar to bay windows in that they also offer additional living or storage space to your home.

Hopper – Another popular choice for basements and first floor bathrooms, hopper windows are basically awning windows that are hinged from the bottom.

The Zen Windows Experience

Wondering how our process is different from other window and door companies? There are just a few steps between you and beautiful new windows or doors!

  1. Request your quote. Call us at (303) 507-5206 or contact us online to get your free, accurate quote.
  2. We’ll contact you shortly. Shortly after receiving your request, we’ll contact you for a quick consultation to better understand your needs.
  3. Get an accurate quote. Our team will email you an exact quote for your project based on the consultation—unless you change your mind about which products you want, this price will not change. We guarantee it.
  4. Finalize your decision. Whenever you’re ready, let us know and we’ll schedule your measuring appointment within 48 hours. No down payments required.
  5. Schedule your installation. After your replacement windows or doors are delivered to our team (usually within three to five weeks), we’ll reach out to schedule your installation at a time that’s convenient for you.
  6. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Once your new windows or doors are installed and you’re 100% satisfied, that’s when you’ll pay.

Colorado Springs Window & Door Replacement Service Area

We serve Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities including:

  • Cimarron Hills
  • Fort Carson
  • Air Force Academy
  • Fountain
  • Black Forest
  • Canon City
  • Castle Rock
  • Pueblo

Read What Our Clients Are Saying

“The installers are absolutely incredible! I commend you on having such talented and professional installers."

Review by Zen Windows customers Robby and Barbara Parker of Colorado.

"I have got to say this was the best experience in home improvements I have EVER had!!! NO STRESS!!!"

Review left on independent Better Business Bureau website by Zen Windows customer Susan T.

Slider Windows

Double Hung Windows

Bay Windows

Casement Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you require a deposit?
Absolutely not. Our advice is to never give a down payment to a window company. Ever. We would never ask for payment on services not rendered.
2What are my payment options?
Pay with cash, check, or the credit card you choose. We also offer financing on window replacement and installation.
3Do you offer financing?
Yes. We offer 12 months same-as-cash or an option that’s tailored for your situation. Call (303) 507-5206 or fill out our quote form for details.
4How long will it take to complete my window installation project?
After you’ve received your window installation quote and have decided that you’d like Zen Windows Denver to replace your windows, just give us the go-ahead. Usually, we’ll come in a few days to take exact measurements. After that, we’ll complete your project in 3–5 weeks.
5Are your windows manufactured in Colorado?
We proudly offer Soft-Lite Windows, which are manufactured in Streetsboro, Ohio. After thousands of these window installations in the Denver, Colorado area, we’ve never had an issue with the altitude.
6Do you offer a lifetime warranty on your windows?
Yes, and we believe our warranty is pretty special. Not all lifetime warranties are created equal. Here’s the bottom line for the Zen Windows warranty: our warranty covers every window we sell, and as long as your home is still standing, you’ll never have to spend another dime on your windows. This means we pay for the window, glass, installation, and trip expenses. There is no fine print (exclusions), and the warranty is fully transferable every time the home sells. How much more "zen" could a warranty be?
7Do you install windows in the winter?
Yes, we do! To prevent heat loss, we take all precautions possible. We replace a minimum number of windows at a time and close off rooms as we work.
8What if I want a salesman to come to my home?
If you want a stranger to come to your home and give you the old "dog-and-pony show" sales pitch with heat lamps on your kitchen table, we probably aren’t the company for you. Our goal is to make replacing your windows fast, easy, and hassle-free.
9Will the quote change when you come to measure?
No. A quote from Zen Windows is more than an estimate—it's a promise. We will not change the quote on you when we come to measure (or ever!).
10How can you give an accurate window installation quote without coming into my home?
After years of quoting projects, we have learned to ask the right questions to get the needed information. Zen Windows Denver also uses internet research. If you have something unusual, just email or text us a picture. It’s really that simple.

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