Bow Window Installation in Denver, CO

Bow Windows for Your Denver Home

Could it be time to replace your rickety, old windows? If you’re interested in adding a unique architectural feature at the same time, consider installing bow windows. These are a distinctive replacement window option known for delivering much more than just enhanced energy efficiency. They also increase natural light and ventilation, add square footage, and bring a new layer of sophistication to your home.

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What Are Bow Windows?

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, another option that adds architectural interest. Bow windows consist of four to six windows (called lites) that protrude from the home’s foundation in a graceful arch. This is what distinguishes them from bay windows, which have one large central lite flanked by two narrower lites.

Benefits of Bow Windows

Depending on your home’s structural elements, its proximity to the property line, and your personal preferences, bay and bow windows could both be viable options. Consider the benefits of bow windows to help you determine if this is the right choice for your Colorado home.

  • More natural light and expansive views: With 180 degrees of arched glass, both bay and bow windows let in more sunlight and provide a wider viewing angle than ordinary windows. These qualities make the room a more inviting place to hang out with family and friends.
  • Slimmer profile: If your house is too close to a sidewalk or property line, bow windows are likely the right choice. They don’t extend as far from the foundation as bay windows, yet they still lend a unique architectural quality and add enough space to build a window seat or create a cozy reading nook.
  • Increased ventilation: With bay windows, the large, central lite is usually a picture window, meaning it doesn’t open. However, it’s possible for all four to six lites in a bow window to open, usually as casement windows that swing outward or double-hung windows that slide up and down.

Bow Window Replacement in Denver & Colorado Springs

Perhaps your existing bow windows need an upgrade, or you want your window replacement project to include adding this architectural feature. Either way, Zen Windows has the top-rated products you’re looking for. We offer three distinct window lines with prices and characteristics that appeal to every Denver homeowner’s budget and preferences. These include:

  • Karma – These high-performance, double-pane windows are secure, energy-efficient, and designed for cold winters like those in Colorado.
  • Nirvana – Choose this line to enjoy some of the most thermally effective double-pane windows available anywhere.
  • Lotus – Optimize efficiency and performance with triple-pane windows from this line. Lotus windows come complete with Ultra S and Solar Ultra S glass options to reduce heat transfer through the window with maximum effectiveness.

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There’s no denying the impressive appearance and efficiency of high-quality bow windows. Of course, the only way to fully appreciate the addition is if your new windows are installed properly. Zen Windows has the experience needed to deliver a job well done every time. Plus, we take pride in our no-pressure sales approach and dedication to customer satisfaction. We require no down payments, offer rock-solid estimates upfront, and deliver double warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

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