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The Best Vinyl Windows In Denver Are NOT The Most Expensive

Here Is Why A High Price Doesn’t Always Reflect High Quality When It Comes To Vinyl Windows.

Best Vinyl Replacement Windows DenverWhen asked to compare a $70,000 car with a $30,000 car, most people will automatically assume the $70,000 car is higher quality.

After all, why WOULDN’T the higher-priced car be better? It’s more expensive!

But higher prices don’t always mean higher quality. Sticking with cars, let’s take Lexus and Toyota. Toyota makes cars under the Lexus and Toyota labels. In head-to-head comparisons, these brands perform identically—and in some cases, the Toyota cars outperform the Lexus cars. Yet Lexus is MUCH more expensive.

Why? Branding. When you buy a Lexus, you pay that extra money for the name and the prestige that comes with it. And it’s the same scenario with vinyl windows.

Much like the Lexus/Toyota comparison, vinyl window price points are partially based on the brand name. In industry tests, $1,200 vinyl windows typically perform exactly the same as comparable brands that cost $600. Energy efficiency, curb appeal, durability… they’re all the same. All that extra cost goes into things like advertising, markup, dealer overhead, and inflated profit margins.

So… How Do You Know If You’re Paying Too Much?

Basically, you never want to pay more than about $850 (including installation and any optional upgrades) for a vinyl window in Denver. A higher price tag should be reserved only for custom-made windows for a custom or historic home. Vinyl windows that break the $1,000 barrier are just plain overpriced. There’s no other way to put it.

That said, you CAN pay too little for vinyl windows. Vinyl windows at sub-$400 prices are considered “builder-grade” windows. These are windows often used in rental properties, and don’t provide the looks, performance, or efficiency that the typically Denver home requires.

Bottom Line: The best vinyl windows in Denver are NOT the most expensive.If a company quotes you $1,000 on a vinyl window, you’re likely receiving a quote on a “prestige”-brand window. Or you’re simply being price gouged. Either way, you have less expensive options on the table. Do your research and get multiple quotes before you commit to a company.

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Kyle Derstler