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Single Hung Windows versus Double Hung Windows

Vertical sliding windows are, without a doubt, the most traditional style of residential windows. If you’re interested in this type of window, you have two options to choose from: single hung and double hung. What’s the difference? And which one is right for your Denver home?

Differences and Similarities Between Single Hung & Double Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows versus Double Hung WindowsAt first glance, it’s difficult to tell single hung and double hung windows apart. They both have an upper and lower sash and slide open vertically to ventilate the room.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that:

  • Single hung windows only have an operable lower sash while the upper sash remains fixed. That means these windows only open by sliding the bottom pane up.
  • Double hung windows have two sashes that slide up and down. This means that these windows can open by sliding the bottom pane up or the top pane down.

Benefits of Single Hung Windows

  • Historic: Since single hung windows preceded the double hung variety, they are ideal for creating an authentic look for a historic home.
  • Cost effective: Single hung windows require a slightly lower investment, making them a good choice if you’re replacing windows on a budget.
  • Energy efficient: With fewer moving parts, single hung windows have a better potential of maintaining their energy efficiency, when compared to the double hung variety. Of course, if you opt for high-quality windows from a trusted manufacturer, this isn’t a significant factor.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

  • High availability: Because they’re the most common window style installed in Denver, you can find double hung windows just about anywhere. Of course, it’s only worth investing in high-end versions that offer the most benefits for your home.
  • Ease of maintenance: The degree of care involved when maintaining your windows depends primarily on the frame material. However, when it comes to cleaning the glass, double hung windows with tilt-in sashes provide the most ease. This feature makes it possible to clean your windows from inside the house, even from the second floor—so, you won’t need precarious ladders or professional window washers!
  • Versatility: Do you want to create overhead or lower airflow? You can even double the circulation by opening both the upper and lower sashes halfway. Such versatile functionality isn’t possible when only the bottom sash opens.
  • Safety: Double hung windows are ideal for kids’ bedrooms. You can keep the lower sash locked securely while providing ventilation by opening the upper sash. This reduces the risk of children climbing out the window without leaving them in a stuffy room.
  • Security: Burglars hate double hung windows. Because of their heavier weight, they feature extra-sturdy frames and sashes. Plus, they have two locks compared to a single hung window’s one lock.
  • Ease of repair: Powerful hailstorms or a stray baseball could put a hole through the upper sash. If you have a double hung window, you can probably order a replacement sash and install it with ease. If you have a single hung window, you’re out of luck—you’ll need a professional glazier to repair or replace the window.

Choosing Between Single Hung & Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are almost always the better choice—unless you’re adamant about the authenticity of your historic home or you just really prefer the single hung variety.

Double hung windows may cost a little more upfront, but their added benefits are well worth the investment for most Denver homeowners. Of course, the final decision is up to you, and our team will never push you towards something you don’t want or that won’t work for you!

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