How Laminated Triple-Pane Vinyl Windows Can Soundproof Your Denver Home & Save Big Money On Your Energy Bills

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March 22, 2018
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Here’s How To Get Vinyl Windows That Block Unwanted Noise & Cold From The Outside

If you’re looking for looking to cut your energy costs and soundproof your Denver-area home, there is a solution: Triple-pane laminated vinyl windows. These windows contain the components necessary to insulate your home from both outdoor weather AND noise.

Let’s explore the advantages of triple-pane laminated vinyl windows in more detail, so you can see how they’ll enhance the quality of living in your home.


What Is A Laminated Window?

While three panes of glass can provide a boost of soundproofing power, lamination is what does most of the legwork. A laminated window contains a clear layer of clear, dense, high-strength soundproofing plastic between the panes of glass. This dampens noise and vibrations coming from the outside.

When Is A Window Considered Soundproof?

How well an object blocks noise is measured on the Sound Transmission Class (STC) scale. A window must block over 90% of outdoor noise to be considered soundproof. Windows that are capable of this noise reduction have an STC rating between 45 and 50. For reference, a non-laminated single-pane window hovers around a 27 on the STC scale, while a non-laminated double-pane window rates about a 28.

Here is a chart from soundproofingcompany.com breaking down the STC scale:

STCWhat Can Be Heard
25Normal speech is easily heard and understood
30Normal speech is harder to hear and not understood; loud speech is understood
35Loud speech can be heard, but not understood
40Loud speech seems like a faint murmur
45Loud speech not heard at all; very loud speakers and heavy traffic noise can still be heard, but are muffled
50Very loud speakers and instruments are barely audible
60+Superb soundproofing; almost nothing can be heard

According to the chart, non-laminated single- and double-pane windows will not even inhibit the noise of someone talking at a normal volume. But laminated, triple-pane windows block almost ALL outside noise, awarding them “soundproof status.”

Energy Efficiency

According to energystar.gov, upgrading from single- to double-pane windows can save Denver homeowners up to $381 per year on energy bills. These huge savings are the result of multiple panes of glass (naturally) and the energy-efficient gas that is injected between the panes. When you upgrade to a THIRD pane of glass, those savings are further increased—exponentially.

In a head-to-head comparison, homeowners also rate triple-pane windows better than double-pane windows for keeping their home comfortable. While the interior glass of a double-pane window may feel cool to the touch on a cold day, triple-pane windows stay within one or two degrees of the temperature of the interior of the wall. Why? Because that extra pane of glass—and the special gas that goes between it—provide an added layer of insulation.

Other Factors To Keep In Mind

Other factors that contribute to a window’s energy efficiency and soundproofing are installation, weatherstripping, and foam insulation within the frame. If a window has gaps or cracks in the seal, laminated triple-pane glass will have a tough time doing its jobs. That’s why it’s important to go with a QUALITY window installed by experienced professionals with a great reputation.

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