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How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

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Replacement windows are a significant investment, so it’s natural to want them to last as long as possible. That can be a challenge in Colorado. At Zen Windows Denver, our vinyl windows are an excellent option for nearly any home in Denver or the surrounding areas. But how long do they last?

The Life Span of Vinyl Windows

Our vinyl windows are made from a compound called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Durable, lightweight, weatherproof, and UV-resistant, PVC makes a great material for windows and other components that must endure long-term exposure to the elements. From high winds and hail to freezing cold or the blistering sun, our PVC windows are equipped to withstand the worst weather Denver has to offer.

Vinyl windows are colorfast and will not fade; they do not need repainting, they resist warping, twisting, and peeling and require virtually no maintenance. On average, vinyl windows will last 20 to 40 years.

At Zen Windows Denver, we are confident in the materials and quality of our vinyl replacement windows. That is why we offer a lifetime labor and materials warranty, ensuring everything from the screen to the glass and frame is fully covered for the lifetime of your home. Our lifetime warranty is fully transferable, so if you sell your house, the new owner can enjoy the advantages of our Zen Window warranty.

Does Altitude Affect Vinyl Windows?

The service life of vinyl windows can be affected by the altitude. Vinyl can degrade faster at high altitudes, so it is best to choose new vinyl rather than recycled vinyl for longer material life. Due to the pressure changes at altitude, the gases used to insulate double- and triple-pane glass windows can expand as the windows go from lower to higher altitudes. This can result in leaking seals, cracked glass, or damaged frames.

At Zen Windows Denver, we mitigate the effects of high altitudes by using quality designs, materials, and workmanship. Our windows feature:

  • Durable, brand new vinyl for a long service life
  • Strong PVC window frames
  • High-strength double-pane and triple-pane glass
  • Inert argon or krypton gas infill
  • Low-E coatings to reduce summer heat gain
  • Warm-edge spacers to reduce heat loss through the glass

Our windows are installed in many homes throughout the Denver area, and they have shown great performance and efficiency in high-altitude conditions.

Quality Replacement Windows in Denver, CO

When you are ready to upgrade the windows in your Denver home, talk to our team at Zen Windows Denver. We make the process of installing replacement windows easy, with quality products, fast quotes, and great financing. We offer:

  • Fast, accurate, free window replacement quotes
  • No high-pressure sales tactics, in-home demos, or pushy salespeople
  • Great financing options with no money down
  • Lifetime material and labor warranty on all our windows

Are you ready to get started? Call (866) 504-2342 today or contact us online to request your free, no-obligation window replacement quote in Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or the surrounding areas.