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How Does High Elevation Affect Windows?

new vinyl windows made for Denver's high elevationIf you get new vinyl windows in Denver or the surrounding areas, you have a few unique needs to consider. Denver’s higher altitude requires special consideration if you want your windows to last a long time.

As you search for a window, you need to consider how higher elevation can affect the product and what window installation companies can do to make sure you’re happy with your product.

Characteristics of High-Altitude Windows

Whether you live at sea level or up in the mountains, here are the qualities to look for in high-performance windows:

  • Quality frame material: There are many durable window materials to choose from, including vinyl. This option is efficient, affordable, and long-lasting. To get the most out of vinyl windows, make sure you choose options made of 100% pure virgin vinyl, since recycled vinyl may not hold up well at high altitudes.
  • Multiple panes of glass: Single-pane windows readily transfer heat through the glass. With multiple panes separated by a small air gap, your windows become substantially more efficient. This is an important consideration during the cold Colorado winters.
  • Gas infill: While an air-filled gap between two window panes helps improve energy efficiency, argon or krypton gas infills are even better. These inert gases are denser than regular air, so they slow heat transfer to a crawl, keeping more of the heated air inside your high-altitude home.
  • Low-E coating: The relentless summer sun is also a concern at high elevations. The addition of a low-E coating on windows helps reflect UV rays back outside, reducing interior heat gain and protecting furniture and finishes from fading.
  • Warm-edge spacers: All double- and triple-glazed windows have spacers to keep the panes the proper distance apart. Non-metallic spacers also insulate the edges of the window, reducing heat transfer through the glass.

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Higher Elevations Weaken the Seal

When objects go up in elevation, they have to equalize pressure. Remember how your ears feel when ascending in an airplane? A similar thing happens to windows as they enter the higher elevations in the Denver area. Most modern two-paned windows have an inert gas between the panes to help increase energy efficiency. As the window enters higher altitudes, the gas between the panes starts to expand.

This rapid expansion can do detrimental things to the window if the gas has no place to go. The worst-case scenario would be that the glass shatters or the seal of the panes breaks.

Use High-Quality Window Products in High-Altitude Areas

There are several ways to combat this potential seal break. Some installation companies in the area choose to work with local manufacturers to ensure your new vinyl window in Denver doesn’t have to go through an elevation change. However, this may not be the best solution. After all, you want a sturdy and reliable product, and the local manufacturers may not provide the best option on the market.

A high-quality product from a trusted manufacturer, like Soft-Lite, may be able to better withstand the elevation change. Trust our installation team at Zen Windows to find the best window products that will combat the high elevation in the Denver area.

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