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Everything You Need To Know About Double-Hung Windows

double hung window in bedroom

There are many considerations when you choose replacement windows in Colorado. We need durable, eco-friendly window materials. We’re active people without time for high-maintenance homes.

Your windows’ styles must be compatible with your home’s architecture and your lifestyle, and they serve as an aesthetic reflection of your sense of style. Local trends play a role, too: European homeowners often prefer casement windows, while in the United States, double-hung windows are the most popular choice.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

classic living room with large double hung windows and picture windows aboveProbably the main reason for double-hung windows’ popularity is greater ventilation. Double-hung windows give us more control over the amount of airflow we want indoors.

You can open both sashes for maximum circulation; cool air will enter through the bottom, and the warmer indoor air will flow outside. Or you can open one sash for less ventilation.

Other benefits of double-hung windows include:

  • Adaptable styles: Double-hung windows work well in both vintage and contemporary homes. You can choose from several colors and wood grain finishes.
  • Compatibility: Double-hung windows easily accommodate screens and window air conditioners.
  • Energy-efficiency: Double- or triple-pane low-E glass paired with double-hung windows will reduce your monthly energy bills and keep your home warmer in winter.
  • Maintenance: Tilt-out sashes make cleaning amazingly easy. You can clean the interior and exterior glass from inside your home. Keep moving parts well lubricated, and you’ll enjoy years of low-maintenance service from your double-hung windows.
  • Natural light: More ventilation and natural light make double-hung windows a win-win for most of us in nature-loving Colorado!
  • Safety: These windows are designed to be safer because they don’t extend into high-traffic areas like patios and walkways. They also have strong locking mechanisms to deter intruders.

Double-Hung vs. Casement Windows

casement windowsCasement windows are hinged on one side, so they swing open like doors. An interior crank is used to open and shut them; screens are usually mounted on the inside.

  • Both casement and double-hung windows are energy-efficient.
  • Both double-hung and casement windows can be cleaned from inside the home.
  • Casement windows typically cost more.
  • Casement windows may allow for more light and ventilation.
  • Casement windows offer better views.
  • Double-hung windows are usually easier to operate.

Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a fixed upper sash. This means the bottom sash is your only source of ventilation. This is fine if you don’t have curious toddlers in your home. The bottom sash will move up and down and can also tilt inward.

If you have a two-story home, you might consider putting double-hung windows on the second floor and single-hung windows on the ground floor for easier maintenance. We don’t usually recommend single-hung windows for the extreme weather areas around Denver.

Architecturally, there are no hard-and-fast rules about window styles. Single-hung windows work well with cottage-style and historic homes. Double-hung windows pair nicely with Victorian and Cape Cod homes.

  • Both double- and single-hung windows are energy-efficient.
  • Double-hung windows are easier to clean.
  • Double-hung windows offer superior ventilation.
  • Single-hung windows cost less.

Double-Hung vs. Slider Windows

slider window installation in brick wallSliding windows’ sashes slide left and right within one frame. Slider windows have a mid-century feeling, so they won’t pair well with all home styles. Still, they’re a viable choice for many architectural styles; you’ll frequently see them in smaller office buildings.

Use slider windows in areas where you want more width than height.

  • Both double-hung and slider windows are energy-efficient.
  • Double-hung windows are easier to clean.
  • Double-hung windows offer better ventilation.
  • Slider windows may cost more.

For versatility and beauty, you can’t go wrong with double-hung windows. We have three superior window lines and several styles of double-hung windows to choose from. Let’s plan your home improvement project!

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