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How To Guarantee You Get The Best Exterior Door Installation In Denver

Whether You Need Entry Or Patio Doors, Here’s What To Look (And Look Out) For In A Contractor.

Zen Windows Denver - InstallationGetting great exterior door installation in Denver can be surprisingly tough. As many homeowners discover, finding a contractor who can guarantee rock-solid installation that’s done right the first time is easier said than done.

Why? Home-improvement contractors always make the top of the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) “Most Complained About” list. And many of these complaints are about poor workmanship. In other words: Homeowners get burned by bad door installation all the time.

To prevent bad exterior door installation from happening to you, we’ve compiled two lists: 7 qualities to look for in a door installer… and 5 red flags to watch out for.

Let’s get started…

7 Qualities To Look For In A Denver Exterior Door Installer…

  1. BBB Accreditation: BBB-accredited businesses meet the standards required by the BBB Code Of Business Practices. These standards include honoring promises, being responsive, building consumer trust, and embodying integrity. Door contractors who have achieved BBB accreditation are trustworthy, transparent, and communicative—three qualities that are essential to great exterior door installation in Denver.
  2. No Down Payment: Contractors who are the “best of the best” exterior door installers will not require you to pay until AFTER the project is done and you are satisfied. Why? Because they are 100% invested in giving you the outcome you want. (Companies that require no down payment are rare. But they DO exist.)
  3. Plenty Of Good Reviews & References: If an exterior door installer in Denver is good at what they do, they should have plenty of satisfied customers. If you ask the installer for reviews and references, they should plenty of them readily available for you.
  4. Long Warranties (In Writing): A door company that offers lengthy(50 years to life), in-writing product and labor warranties is supremely confident in the quality they provide. They’re not afraid to guarantee their work for decades.
  5. An Involved Owner: A hands-on owner is one of the best ways to ensure great door installation in Denver. An actively involved owner truly cares about the outcome of your project. They will act quickly to fix any issues and ensure the installation is performed 100% correctly.
  6. High Installation Standards: Any contractor worth their weight should set the bar for installation very high. They should be able to communicate their installation standards to you CLEARLY and IN DETAIL. This is a sign that they’ll do the job right the first time.
  7. Lots Of Job Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure the contractor you’re hiring has plenty of completed door installation photos they can show you either in person or on their website.

5 Red Flags To Look OUT For In A Denver Exterior Door Installer…

  1. Negative Reviews (Or None At All): Naturally, bad reviews are a huge red flag. But if the exterior door contractor has only one or two online reviews, this may also be a warning sign. It could mean they are new (i.e., inexperienced) or don’t have many satisfied customers.
  2. No Job Photos: This goes with #1 above. A door contractor with no job photos may be a new business. Or they may simply do poor work and are scared to show it!
  3. Lackluster Warranties: Quality entry and patio doors in Denver should come with at least a 50-year warranty on materials. The company performing the installation should match that with a labor warranty that is at least that long, if not lifetime. Never accept anything less (and NEVER settle for a warranty that is not in writing).
  4. Requiring At Least 50% Up Front: Requiring a deposit is not necessarily a bad sign—almost all Denver contractors do so. But exterior door companies should NOT require 50% or more up front to get started. If they do, it could mean they are on financially shaky ground and are using your money to buy the materials for your project (not a good thing).
  5. No Owner Accountability: If tracking down the company owner feels like a game of Where’s Waldo: Denver Edition, it can tell you a lot about how much he cares (or doesn’t) about your project. When an owner is hard to reach, it can be almost impossible to get problems fixed in a timely manner. Or at all.

These are not comprehensive lists; there are other factors to consider when choosing a company for your exterior door installation in Denver. But these pointers should give you a good place to start when researching different companies.

If you’re looking for rock-solid exterior door installation in Denver that’s done EXACTLY right the first time, consider Zen Windows Denver. We install superior patio doors and entry doors with lifetime warranties, no down payment, and an owner 100% invested in the outcome of your project. Contact us for an easy, accurate online quote today.

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