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Do The “Goldilocks” Test To Avoid Paying Too Much (Or Going Too Cheap) For Vinyl Windows In Denver

How Much Do The Best Vinyl Windows In Denver Cost? There Is One Price That Is Just Right

Every Denver homeowner who wants vinyl windows demands one thing: the absolute best window for the lowest possible cost. It’s only natural.

And the easiest way to ensure a great vinyl window at a great price? When you’re shopping for windows, think of the children’s story Goldilocks And The Three Bears.

(Bear with us, here!)

You may remember that Goldilocks taste-tests three different porridges. One is too hot. One is too cold. And one is juuusssttt right.

It’s the same with vinyl window prices in Denver. Some vinyl windows are too expensive. Some vinyl windows are too cheap. And some vinyl windows are priced juuusssttt right.

So… what is the difference? Let’s break down the three window-price categories a little further…

  1. “These Windows Are Too Expensive.”

Price Range: $1,000 Or More

Vinyl windows in Denver simply should not cost this much, unless you’re buying custom-made wood windows for a custom-made home. But $1,000+ for a vinyl window? That’s highway robbery.

While it’s true that $1,000 vinyl windows will probably look great and perform very well… so will vinyl windows that are half the price! If a window company quotes you four figures per window, they are getting a little greedy with their markup—plain and simple. That extra money is likely going toward their exorbitant overhead (advertising, sales commissions, huge showrooms, etc.).

  1. “These Windows Are Too Cheap.”

Price Range: $399 Or Less

Vinyl windows for $400 or less seems like a great deal. But this is the “too good to be true” price range.

Vinyl windows in Denver that cost sub-$400 might LOOK like they are quality. But, to reference another children’s story, these windows are like Snow White’s poison apple: a delicious-looking outside… with a toxic inside. In other words, these are windows that are made with inferior parts. They aren’t energy efficiency, and they are prone to defects. (We’d know—we’ve had to replace THOUSANDS of these windows over the years.)

And we’re about to burst a thousand bubbles, but here is another hard-to-swallow truth: those windows you see advertised for $189 don’t exist.

Well, maybe a few do. But their quality is so poor that the window company should pay YOU to take them. Most of the time, though, the $189 advertised price is just a way for the company to get you to set an appointment. Once they’ve deployed a salesman into your home, those $189 windows magically cost a lot more.

  1. “These Windows Are Just Right!”

Price Range: $450 to $850, installed

At this price per window, you can easily get the most efficient, best looking, and highest performing vinyl windows in Denver. This price includes EVERYTHING—installation, ancillary materials… the whole nine yards.

Why is this the “right” price range? Because—depending on the upgrades you choose—it’s the price that reflects the cost to manufacture a qualitywindow without marking it up outrageously.

Want Vinyl Windows In The “Just Right” Price Range? Get In Touch.

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Kyle Derstler