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Denver Homeowners: 3 Ways Your Current Entry Door Is Screaming Out, “Replace Me!”

Here Are Some Subtle (& Not-So-Subtle) Signs Your Front Door May Be On Its Last Legs…

Entry Door ReplacementNot sure if it’s time for a new entry door? Denver homeowners struggle with this all the time. It can be tough to know if the time is right to invest in upgrading your front door.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve outlined three problems that could be signs it’s time for a new entry door. Of course, it’s always best to speak directly to a trustworthy professional who will provide you with HONEST feedback and guidance (not a company just looking to make a buck). But the issues we describe in this article will begin to point you in the right direction.

Let’s get started…

Problem #1: Your Door Is Drafty

Refreshing: A cool breeze coming through an open window on a warm summer day.

Not As Refreshing: A cool breeze coming through the bottom of your front door in the middle of February.Drafty Door

If you’re getting drafts through your front door, it means your weather stripping is old and worn out. And if your front door is letting cold air enter your home, it’s also allowing money to leave your wallet.

The truth is that your front door can play a surprisingly large role in the energy efficiency of your home. Front doors with worn out weather stripping and insufficient insulation can cost homeowners big bucks and a lot of discomfort. When shopping for a front door in Denver, be sure to invest in a door with an insulated core, superior weather stripping, and (if applicable) Energy Star-certified glass. The sweep of the door should be a compression bulb seal/fin combination. A compression bulb with three fins provides maximum protection from moisture and air infiltration.

Problem #2: Your Door Is Sticking

If you need The Incredible Hulk-like strength to open and close your front door, that’s a problem. While a sticking door is a good bicep workout, it’s also incredibly annoying—and could be a sign of a bigger issue.

The good news is that a sticking door is sometimes fixed by simply tightening the hinges. All this takes is a trusty Phillips-head screwdriver and about two minutes of your time.

If tightening the hinges doesn’t do the trick, your door may be worn down or warped. This likely means there is a gap somewhere between the door and the jamb. Since a door cannot be “un-warped,” replacement is likely the best option in this case.

Problem #3: Your Door Is Just Plain Ugly

Let’s face it—first impressions count. And your front door is one of the first things people see when they pull into your driveway. If your door is dented, rotted, scratched, crooked, peeling, or flaking, your houseguests WILL notice. They won’t say anything. But they will be thinking, “Yikes!”

And let’s not forget perspective buyers. If you’re selling your home in the near future, a beautiful entry door is a must. No “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts” about it. In fact, says that your front door is one of the first three things potential buyers judge about your home. Fortunately, the return on investment for both steel and fiberglass entry doors is very high—both types of entry door provide some of the best ROIs of any home improvement project.

Want HONEST Advice… With Zero Sales Pressure?couple browsing replacement window options

If you need new doors in Denver, reach out to us. We won’t pressure you. And we won’t pester you with a three-hour in-home sales appointment. Instead, we’ll provide you with the information you need on the best options for your situation and budget—completely through phone or email, if you choose.

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