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What You Should Consider When You Need Door Replacement In Denver

round entry room with large french front doorsIf you’ve already started exploring your options for door replacement in Denver, you’ve probably made a discovery: deciding on the right entry door is surprisingly tough!

There are a ton of choices to consider when replacing your entry door. This is one reason it is crucial to work with a trustworthy professional. They will help you sort through your options and guide you to the best option for your styles, needs, and budget.

If you haven’t quite gotten that far in the process yet, read on. We’ve provided an overview of what you should consider when shopping for an entry door. This will serve as a helpful primer when the time comes to contact door contractors in Denver about their specific selections.

Some Aspects To Think About…

Finish: The company you buy your door from should offer you different style options for the interior, exterior, and sidelites (the windows that flank a door’s sides) of the door. They should also offer a variety of staining and color options to match the look of your home.

If you do choose sidelites, thermal compression molding is the best choice for mounting the glass. Upper end steel, fiberglass, and wood doors have the option of decorative glass packages, with matching sidelites. A glass package can turn an ordinary door into an outstanding door with little added expense.

Insulation: Both steel and fiberglass doors can come with insulated cores. This helps enhance R-value, which determines the heat loss of the door. Two types of foam are generally used for internal door insulation: polystyrene (basically, Styrofoam) and polyurethane (expandable foam). Of the two, polyurethane is the better insulating material because it expands to fill the entire door once it is installed inside it.

Security & Safety: Fiberglass and steel doors provide the best safety and security for door materials. Both materials have a high fire-safety rating and can withstand several hundred pounds of force from pressure. Also be sure to invest in security features like a heavy-duty metal plate for the jamb. Options like this cost a little extra, but are more than worth it.

Bottom of Door Components: The bottom of your entry door should be made of a material that holds back moisture. The sweep of the door should be a compression bulb seal/fin combination. A compression bulb with three fins provides maximum protection from moisture and air infiltration. The sill needs to be made of a composite to avoid rot and insect.

Storm Door Replacement In Denver

Storm Door Replacement In Denver

When getting entry door replacement in Denver, it’s wise to replace the storm door at the same time. It’s unlikely that your current storm door will match your new entry door.  And there’s also a good chance your new entry door may not be functionally compatible with your current storm door. To make the storm door fit properly, the frame of the new entry door would have to be altered by adding wood or a storm door adaptor. These alternatives are not optimal if you want to achieve the best looks, performance, security, and ROI from your front door/storm door combination.

The good news is that storm doors can be custom-made to fit your new entry door… and at a reasonable investment. Storm doors also come with a wide variety of options for closures, handles, hinges, sweeps, screens, and colors. Getting a new storm door at the same time as a new entry door is the best long-term solution for your home.

A Word About Trim

Even the best replacement entry door in Denver will be wasted if the trim work is poor. Trim can help seal gaps, increase efficiency, and enhance the looks of the entry door. When you are getting quotes on entry doors, made sure they include installation of the trim. We bring this up because some replacement door companies do NOT include trim in their quotes. This can lead you to think the company is a better deal than the others, when that may not be the case.

Need Help With Door Replacement In Denver? Get In Touch…

If you’re considering replacing your entry door, contact us for help. We pride ourselves on being consumer advocates who truly HELP homeowners by providing accurate, zero-pressure online quotes on superior entry doors. Visit our Entry Doors page for more information about our door collection.