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A Homeowner’s Guide to Patio Doors

dining room with custom shaped windows

Has your patio door seen better days? Is it letting drafts into your home? Patio doors experience a lot of wear and tear, and the day usually comes when it’s time to replace them.

The right replacement patio doors create an integrated look between your Denver area home’s inside and outside. They also offer exceptional energy efficiency and allow abundant natural light to flow into your home. New patio doors can:

  • Improve garden access
  • Brighten a dark room
  • Transform your deck into an outdoor dining area
  • Expand your home’s living space

Read on to learn how you can transform your home with one or more of the patio door styles Zen Windows Denver offers.

Unique Patio Door Colors

Woodgrain patio doors opening onto a rooftop patio

Patio doors from Zen Windows are available in a wide selection of colors that match or complement any decorative style, so your new patio door is sure to be unique to your home. Along with traditional tones like soft white, brown, and beige, you can choose from 16 PVC exterior color bond options and four woodgrains, including light oak, medium oak, cherry, and Brazilian cherry.

A current trend in patio doors is color, with many Denver homeowners opting for a bright pop of color that enhances their home’s exterior. Whether you opt for contrasting, complementary, or monochromatic tones, our design experts can help you choose a shade that goes well with other exterior components.

  • Want to make your patio doors stand out? Choose a shade that contrasts with your home’s siding.
  • Choose a brighter hue when you’re looking to project an energetic vibe.
  • For visual interest, consider a door color that matches your roof’s shade.

If you need some inspiration, turn to websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and HGTV. A color wheel can also be helpful.

Can I Paint My Patio Doors?

Many homeowners wonder if they should skip replacing their patio doors and paint them instead. While you can paint over some minor scrapes, scratches, and chips, you might want to opt for replacement if the damage is more extensive, the doors are old and drafty, or you simply desire a more modern style.

Achieve a Natural Look With Woodgrain Patio Doors

double patio doors with glass windowColorado homeowners love bringing nature into their homes, and a woodgrain finish for your new patio doors is a terrific way to make a statement inside and out. Many people like an oak grain because it exudes beauty and strength. Others choose cherry finishes for their smooth, luxurious, and rich appearance.

Which one’s right for you generally depends on where your home is located and its architectural style. No matter which woodgrain you choose, the timeless look of wood adds warmth and creates an interesting focal point to your home’s exterior.

Trust Zen Windows for Replacement Patio Doors

Close-up of the hardware on a sliding doorReplacement patio doors from Zen Windows Denver are an excellent investment that brings beauty, energy efficiency, and convenience to your home. Our patio door buying and installation process is unlike any offered by our competitors.

Our process includes:

Ready to learn more about replacement patio doors for your Colorado home? Call Zen Windows Denver at 303-658-9990 or contact us today.