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Beware of Window Sales Tactics

replacement patio doors DenverSome salesmen have a bad reputation. Many customers have horror stories of a sales rep pressuring them into a product they neither wanted nor needed. As you get ready to work with a windows and doors company near Denver, you should familiarize yourself with deceptive sales tactics. This will help you do two things. First, you’ll be less likely to fall into the trap of buying a window that’s not right for you. Second, you’ll be prepared to walk away from a company that’s not treating you well.

One-Day Sales

Have you ever gone into a windows and doors company in Denver only to be told the price you’re hearing is only good for that day? With this tactic, you have less time to do research and compare prices. You feel pressured to make a purchase right away without really understanding what you’re getting. Most prices don’t change that quickly. You should be able to take at least a day to think about the offer. If that’s not an option, it might not be the right purchase for you.

In-Home Appointments

Many salesmen like coming into your home to show you a few specific products. They may use this time to compare new products to your old windows. They could simulate how the windows will operate using heat lamps and other tools. However, in-home appointments are not necessary. Most knowledgeable companies can give you an accurate estimate by asking a few simple questions over the phone or through email. If a salesperson wants to come to your home, find out why this type of appointment is necessary.

Downplaying Warranties

If a windows and doors company near Denver tries to tell you warranties aren’t important, you should have an internal alarm go off. Manufacturer and labor warranties can help cover you should something go wrong. They’re an important part of a product. Companies may try to downplay warranties when they don’t offer any coverage on their work.

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