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A Comprehensive Guide to Window Types and Your Home

window replacement DenverAre you in the market for window replacement in Denver, but not sure which windows would look best in your kitchen or bathroom? Choosing the right window for the right room can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to improve the size or openness of a room. This guide will help you match the right window with the right room, which will add both beauty and functionality to your home.

Double Hung Windows

 Of all the window types available, these are the most popular. They can enhance the natural brightness of virtually any room and your home. They are especially nice when placed behind your kitchen sink, offering a clear view of the Denver mountains while you wash dishes. Depending on the height of your walls, they also work great as a bathroom window replacement in Denver.

Bay Windows

Bay windows look beautiful in a dining room or living room. Since they protrude from the house itself, they can often provide just a little extra space for hosting guests. Because of their size, they will also enhance the brightness of those rooms, making them even more inviting.

Awning Windows

These more specialized windows provide maximum ventilation, making them ideal for a bathroom or laundry room window replacement in Denver. They’re shorter than many window types, which makes them ideal for upper-floor bedrooms with shorter walls. Not only will this be a convenient way to provide more light for a smaller wall, but the extra ventilation is perfect for upper floors in the summer.

Hopper Windows

 These extra short windows are perfect for a deep basement. The hinge is placed at the bottom, which allows the windows to open much like an oven. It’s a perfect way to provide natural light in an otherwise dark part of the house.

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