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5 Questions To Ask Any Denver Door Contractor You’re Thinking Of Hiring

Pose The Following Questions To Filter Out The Companies

You Wouldn’t Want Touching Your Doors With A 10-Foot Pole.

woman with question marks around her headAccording to the Better Business Bureau, home improvement (which encompasses door-installation contractors) is one of the most complained about industries in the country. And with missed deadlines, poor communication, and substandard installation being so common, it’s easy to see why homeowners can have such a hard time finding a reliable contractor to install entry or patio doors in Denver.

If YOU are having trouble finding someone to install your doors, we’re here to help. Below is a list of 5 key questions to ask any Denver door company you’re considering. Asking these questions will help you weed out the lower-end contractors that may not provide the kind of quality you expect.

Let’s get started…

1.  “Are You Insured?”

Only consider door companies that can provide proof of worker’s compensation, general liability, and automobile coverage. If the company you hire doesn’t carry worker’s compensation, your homeowner’s policy becomes this company’s coverage. This can cause MASSIVE problems for you in the event of an on-the-job accident. If the contractor does have the proper insurance, make sure it’s in effect for the duration of your project.

2.  “How Long Is Your Warranty?”

The best Denver door companies install products with warranties that last from 20 years to life. Some of these companies even match product warranties with their own labor warranties. In other words, if your products are warrantied for life, your installation will be, too.

Bonus Question: Ask any door company you’re considering how long they have been in business. You want to ensure the company is on stable ground, and will be around if you need warranty work 5, 10, or 15 years down the line.

3.  “Are Your Installers Experienced?”

Practice makes perfect, right? So if the crew installing your doors is inexperienced, you’re likely in for a rough time. “Rookie” installers haven’t yet learned the complex intricacies of tight and secure door installation.

Ask any door company you’re considering what kind of experience their installers have. Don’t be afraid to dig for details. Inquire about the installers’ backgrounds, work experience, and years in the industry. Also have the company review their installation policies with you, and how those policies translate into a superior project.

4.  “Will I Have Access To The Owner?”

An involved owner is the key to clear communication and a quality outcome. A hands-on owner will make himself readily available if you have questions or concerns. You won’t have to go through layers of “gatekeepers” to find the right person to speak to!

5.  “Do You Have References?”

If a door company in Denver cannot or will not provide references upon request, it could mean a few different things: 1) they are a new business; 2) they don’t care enough to survey their customers about the quality of work; 3) they don’t have customers willing to say nice things about them!

Great door-installation companies always have a reference list on hand, so potential customers can get real, unfiltered feedback from the company’s past clients.

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