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4 Attributes Of The Best Vinyl Replacement Windows In Denver

Not All Vinyl Windows Are Created Equal.

Heres How To Separate The GoodFrom The Bad.

Best Vinyl Replacement Windows In DenverWe’ll be honest: The quality of vinyl replacement windows in Denver is all over the map. As such, it can be hard to find the best vinyl windows—at the best value—for your home.

That’s why I’ve created the following list of attributes the best vinyl replacement windows in Denver have. If the window you choose has all of these attributes, it will go a long way in ensuring you get the best quality for your money.

Let’s get started…

1. Superior Energy Efficiency

According to Energy Star—the government’s energy program—Colorado is in the Northern climate zone. Energy Star states in this climate mostly require heating. So when looking for replacement vinyl windows, you want to make U-factorone of your biggest considerations.

U-factor is the rate of heat loss in a window. The lower the U-factor, the better a window keeps heat in your home. U-factor rating is included on a window’s NFRC label, which is a black and white sticker included on all Energy Star-certified windows. U-factor is expressed as a number between 0 and 1.

Another energy rating to consider when buying replacement vinyl windows is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). This is how much solar radiation is admitted through a window. A window with a good SHGC will block solar heat well—an advantage during the hot summer months. Like U-factor, SHGC is expressed as a number between 0 and 1, with lower numbers being better.

Below, you’ll see a table containing the energy requirements for windows in Denver. When reading the chart, note that LOWER numbers indicate a BETTER energy efficiency rating.

U-factor SHGC Air Leakage
0.27 or less No requirement 0.30 or less
0.28 0.32 or less 0.30 or less
0.29 0.37 or less 0.30 or less
0.30 0.42 or less 0.30 or less

Bottom line: If a replacement vinyl window in Denver has a U-factor higher than 0.31, avoid it. It will not provide the energy efficiency you need for your home.

For all the details about window energy efficiency in Denver, click here.

2. Curb Appeal

Denver’s best replacement vinyl windows come with many style, color, and decorative options. Some vinyl windows can even be made to look like wood!

Low-end replacement vinyl windows are made with low-quality frame materials. As such, manufacturers need to make the frame larger to properly hold the glass. This results in many “cheap”vinyl windows having a chunky, boxy look.

Quality replacement vinyl windows, however, are made with high-strength frame materials. This allows the frame to have a “slim”and elegant appearance—WHILE providing better-quality performance and durability.

3. Reasonable Value

Here is an important distinction to make when researching vinyl replacement windows in Denver: cheapest priceand best valueare NEVER the same thing. The truth is that replacement vinyl windows that cost less than $400 will not give you the performance, curb appeal, and energy efficiency you crave. There is simply no way a company can sell a QUALITY window at that price.

On the other hand, it is possible to OVERPAY for the best vinyl replacement windows. To ensure you get the best price, do the “Goldilocks”Test. This will help you get the best windows for a reasonable investment.

4. Installed By A Great Company

Even the best vinyl replacement window in Denver is useless if it is improperly installed. This is why it is absolutely essential to choose a window company with a proven track record for quality installation.

When vetting a Denver window company, look for the following:

A window company that ticks these five boxes should almost certainly deliver masterful installation.

Other Things To Consider 

In addition to the four attributes listed above, here are other things you should know…

  • Triple pane windows will provide maximum energy efficiency and soundproofing.
  • There are distinct differences among vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows. If you’re trying to decide on a material, read this.
  • Think the best windows are out of your price range? Think again. It’s simple and easy to get an excellent financing plan that fits comfortably within your budget.

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