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3 Ways Your Entry Door Can Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

New & Replacement Windows for Cimarron Hills, CO HomesIf you’re looking for replacement exterior doors in Denver, you likely have a list of requirements. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it’s not a good idea to buy the first door that catches your eye. There are functional, energy efficiency, and aesthetic factors to consider. Here are a few ideas that may spice up that aesthetic side of things, depending on the style of your home.

Go for Fiberglass

Most of the time, your material choices for exterior doors will be between steel and fiberglass. When it comes to aesthetic, fiberglass will almost always be the preferable option. If you aren’t big on multiple design options for your replacement exterior doors in Denver, then perhaps steel will be for you. But fiberglass offers a wide variety of wood grain designs, and will more closely resemble the aesthetically pleasing wooden appearance. Fiberglass doors will also offer more color options.

Styles and Accessories

While a new door will add plenty of curb appeal on its own, adding unique accessories and style choices can make an exponential difference. You might consider a small window in the door. There are many grilles to choose from for your door window as well, all customizable to the size and style of your house. You also may consider some subtle accessories like a dentil shelf or hinge strap for your replacement exterior doors in Denver, depending on your preference.

Accents and Enhancements

On top of changes to the door itself, slight accents to your home’s entryway will make a big difference as well. You might consider a pair of potted plants on either side of the door to immediately give your door and home a natural look. If you have landscaping or special architecture near your door that you would like to bring attention to, a spotlight or lighted walkway can make those details really pop.

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