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3 Sales Tricks Used To Sell a Window Installation

new window installation in DenverReplacing your windows and doors can be difficult, and often, it’s not your window installation that’s tough — it’s dealing with the window company.

You may already know what we’re talking about….

Your window replacement project became a hassle when you had to wade through a swamp of high-pressured sales tricks just to get new windows. All you wanted were some reliable double-hung or slider windows.

All you got was wasted time. Some “advisor” was more interested in earning a commission than giving you the information you needed.

This article will explain three sales tricks window companies use to pressure you into a window installation. We’ll also explain the philosophy we have at Zen Windows Denver when it comes to your window or door replacements.

Window Sales Trick #1: In-Home Appointments

One of the most popular methods window companies use to force you into their sales funnel is the in-home appointment. Whether you call a number or fill out a website form, if your “next step” is an in-home appointment, beware.

In-home appointments go by many names, such as:

  • Free in-home estimates
  • In-home price quotes
  • Free in-home consultations

But don’t let this fool you. For most companies, it’s the same goal: they believe that coming into your home will create an urgency that makes you convert.

The in-home appointment may look like a favor. After all, free consultation sounds pretty benign. But make no mistake — the window company isn’t giving you anything; it’s taking your time.

Once the salesperson is in your home, you might have a hard time making them leave. Even if you state you’re not interested, the salesperson may linger because they don’t want to forfeit a sale.

The Zen Windows Difference

At Zen Windows Denver, we hate the idea of in-home appointments. That’s why we provide Colorado homeowners with a process that skips the appointment altogether.

Here’s how we offer window quotes:

  1. When you contact Zen Windows online or by phone, we’ll ask you to explain more about the windows you have and the windows you want.
  2. You’ll wait a few minutes. (In the meantime, we’ll be doing some research to ensure we provide an accurate quote.)
  3. Then, you’ll receive your quote via email.
  4. Finally, we’ll send you some emails with informational resources. We won’t be bugging your phone with sales calls, either.

Window Sales Trick #2: The Window Showroom

Window companies also use their showroom to force you to say yes to a window installation. Sure, their window gallery helps you see the different window models, but it actually has another purpose — to pressure you into buying their windows.

Having a building with a showroom creates a bit of overhead for window companies. However, they hope the gallery will turn you from a prospect into a buyer.

As you browse a window gallery, the salesperson may…

  • Show you windows you have no interest in.
  • Gloss over features you haven’t researched.
  • Pressure you into choosing a model before you have time to consider it.
  • Talk so much that you feel as if you’re trapped and can’t leave.

While a gallery can be helpful at times, always keep in mind that it’s also pressuring the window company to sell more products so they can pay for the space they’re renting.

The Zen Windows Difference

At Zen Windows, we’ve removed the cost of a window gallery and the pressure it creates. We still want our customers to see our different window models, but we want that to be their choice.

So you can see the windows we offer, we provide the Zen Windows online window gallery. This online showroom allows you to browse our different window models and see the available features. Using a tool called Snap36, you can view our windows three-dimensionally.

It’s a window gallery on-demand. No store hours. No salesperson. No pressure.

Window Sales Trick #3: Free “Quotes”  

Another thing to look out for as you research window replacement companies is how they provide quotes. Here’s the bottom-line question for every company you investigate: do their quotes change?

By definition, a quote or estimate is supposed to align closely with the final price. But some window companies will propose one price and charge you a drastically different amount.

Quote increases may come from inaccurate estimates…or they may be deliberate. The lower quote was to get you to commit because you thought you were getting a deal.

To see what we mean, watch the video below to hear what happened to Robbie and Barbara before they came to Zen Windows.

The Zen Windows Difference:

At Zen Windows Denver, we provide quotes set in stone. Once we give a quote, we’ll never raise it — unless you decide you want to make changes to your window installation.

Zen Windows can offer fixed quotes for two reasons:

  1. We’re accurate. We take the information you provide and come up with a figure that matches what you’ll pay.
  2. We’re honest. We’d rather give a quote that’s a little higher than quote you a lower figure that we know will change. Integrity is important to us.

Now that you understand these three sales tricks, you’ll know which window companies to avoid for your window installation project.

Contact us online or call (303) 658-9990 to experience the Zen Windows difference — from your quote to your final installation.