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You deserve better for your windows. At Zen Windows Denver, we offer a hassle-free experience for top-quality bay windows with first-class window installation service in Denver and Colorado Springs. Everything we do aims to bring you harmony and Zen so that you can focus on enjoying the peaceful anticipation that comes with window replacement.

When you choose Zen Windows Denver for your bay windows, you get:

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  • A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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What Are Bay Windows?

A bay window is made up of three separate windows that angle out beyond the exterior wall. The extra interior space gives you more of that picturesque view and leaves room for a window seat to thoroughly enjoy it. Depending on your desired aesthetic, your bay window can be created with a combination of window styles like casement windows, picture windows, double-hung windows, or awning windows.

Why Choose Bay Windows?

A gorgeous statement to bring natural light and liveliness to your space, bay windows offer a fuller view of the landscape at three separate angles. Bay windows can be tailored to your exact style preferences, meaning they can add fresh air if you choose window styles that open. By protruding outward, bay windows open up more space in the room, perfect for seating or even purely for decoration.

When Should I Replace My Bay Windows?

High-quality bay windows like the ones from Zen Windows Denver have a long life span of 20-25 years. You may need to look at replacing bay windows if you notice any of these signs:

  • You’re getting drafts: Your windows’ main job is to only allow air in when it’s wanted. If you notice persistent drafts, even after weatherstripping and caulking, the window may need to be replaced.
  • The frame is cracked or soft: Damaged window frames can lead to higher energy bills, rot on the outside of the house, or even the introduction of small critters and insects. It’s better to replace the whole window than to attempt a repair in this case.
  • The glass is foggy: If your windows fog up or you see condensation between the panes, it usually means the insulation layer is compromised. When a window stops insulating, it’s no longer doing its job, and should be replaced.
  • Your window gets stuck: If you can’t open and close your windows easily, it’s often because the frame is damaged. This comes from general wear and tear over time, but if left unaddressed it can lead to inefficiencies, drafts, and higher energy bills.

Why Zen Windows?

We believe that replacing your windows should be full of joy and excitement ― not stress. That’s why every part of our process is centered around simplicity and harmony ― otherwise known as “Zen.” As a top-rated window replacement company in Denver and Colorado Springs, we at Zen Windows Denver can’t wait to share with you the peace and beauty that new windows can mean for your home.

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