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Patio Door Installation in Lakewood, CO

french patio doors with grids on glass installed in lakewood, colorado

Do your Lakewood home’s patio doors need to be replaced? Whether you’re replacing as an investment in your property value, to resolve energy efficiency issues, to replace an aging door with something fresh, or to update the style of your home, you’ll want high-quality products installed carefully by well-trained contractors like those at Zen Windows Denver.

When you choose Zen Windows as your patio door installer, you’ll benefit from a customer experience carefully crafted to be as stress-free and consumer-friendly as possible. Our installers will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the patio doors you want.

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Types of Patio Doors Available in Lakewood, CO

When it comes to patio doors, choosing the right design for your home and goals is crucial. That’s why at Zen Windows, we offer three types of patio doors for your consideration, which each have countless options for customization and refinement.

  • Traditional sliding doors: These are typical sliding doors composed of large panes of glass, which operate by sliding along a track parallel to the opening. They require minimal space and allow for a large amount of light and airflow.
  • French patio doors: French patio doors operate like a normal entry door. While single-door options and minimalist designs are available, the most iconic design is side-by-side doors with intricate glasswork.
  • Folding patio doors: A modern twist on the traditional patio door, a folding patio door operates side to side like a sliding glass door, but achieves this by folding like an accordion with as many as eight distinct panels.

Zen Windows Denver offers a wide selection of customization options so you can get what you’re looking for, including vinyl and fiberglass materials and a variety of color and hardware options.

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Why Zen Windows’ Patio Doors?

When you choose patio doors with Zen Windows, you’re choosing excellent products with high build quality. You’re getting more than just a nice appearance — you’re buying:

  • Security: Patio doors can be a major security risk if poorly installed and lacking proper security features. Our patio doors come with many options to make them secure against intruders and the elements.
  • Energy efficiency: Good build quality means tighter seals and more energy-efficient materials — to say nothing of good designs intended to make the most of the raw materials.
  • Durability: Rugged, long-lasting patio doors will save you a lot of headaches in the years following installation. You don’t want doors that need constant repairs or early replacement because of poor construction.

Schedule Patio & Sliding Glass Door Installation in Lakewood, CO

Are you ready to have incredible high-quality patio doors installed in your Lakewood home? We’re ready to help!

At Zen Windows, we’re committed to making the process of buying patio doors or windows as painless and satisfying as possible. We work with great products, install them carefully and correctly, and have shaped the entire process to your benefit, all the way down to taking no money upfront.

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