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Hassle-Free Replacement Windows in Denver, CO

Welcome To The Most Hassle-Free Home Improvement You’ll Ever Experience.

Denver Window Replacement Designed To Be Stress-Free.

Denver homeowners are often amazed about how simple and straightforward we make window replacement. That’s on purpose – we’ve designed every step to be easy for the homeowner. Here’s our process, step-by-step:

Step 1: A Few Minutes On The Phone

Call us and we’ll ask you some questions to gather some information. We don’t use any sales pitch and you’re usually not on the phone long. But we’ll stay on as long as you need to answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Quote Emailed To You…FAST

Within 24 hours, we’ll email you a firm, down-to-the-penny quote you can be sure is accurate – no surprises or hidden fees. No pressure to decide, no in-home sales presentation. (And, by the way, even though sometimes it takes up to 24 hours, usually we can email you a quote within minutes!).

Step 3: A Few Emails

We’ll send you a little more information about our windows and some light follow-up. We don’t continually hammer you with emails or become a nuisance.

Step 4: Installation Communication

If you choose Zen Windows Denver, we’ll schedule a time to come and measure your windows exactly. We’ll also keep you fully informed about when the windows are expected to arrive and schedule your install date.

Step 5: Installation Day

You’ll find our lead installer to be a good communicator who is friendly and can answer any questions you might have. You’ll also notice that our team is a well-oiled machine, where everyone knows their role and carries it out like a professional.

Step 6: We Don’t Ask For Any Payment Until The Job Is Done

One step you don’t have to worry about until the job is done is paying us. We don’t even take deposits. This is our way of saying to you “we don’t deserve a dime until your job is done right.”

One other thing we do for your ‘peace-of-mind’ is give you an amazing warranty. This is the last time you’ll have to worry about paying for anything for your replacement windows. Our super-strong Lifetime Warranty covers everything – even glass breakage.

That’s our process… are you ready for a free quote?

We're changing the way people buy windows and doors.

No down payments, no pushy salespeople, a lifetime warranty and you work directly with the owner. Request a quote or give us a call to get started